When was the Last Time you read a Poem

I love reading poems and some of the older one’s have proven the test of time, but people stop reading them they will disappear, here is a list of Poems you should try and read:
JERUSALEM (from ‘Milton’)
here is a link that has all the poems on.
Please leave a comment after you read the poems, and let other people know what you think of them, and hopefully you will encourage them, to read them, theirselves?http://www.insetdesigns.com/images/highprayer.gif

A few seconds ago I read “I am not content” by William Butler Yeats. I have poems sent to my inbox daily by About.com.

Life is short and there’s a lot of poetry out there.

I read poetry occasionally and try to write at least one poem each year for my wife, either on her birthday or our anniversary.

A couple days ago I read a poem by one of my friends on another forum. It was about resisting temptation and sin, coincidentally :).

[LEFT]This morning. The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner by Randall Jarrell[/LEFT]

[LEFT]From my mother’s sleep I fell into the state,
And hunched in its belly till my wet fur froze.
Six miles from earth, loosed from the dream of life,
I woke to black flak and the mightmare fighters.
When I died they washed me out of the turret with a hose.[/LEFT]

Sometimes I re-read Dante’s Commedia.

Generally, I don’t like poetry and try to avoid it, so it has been a while since the last one that I couldn’t resist:

O, Net of Justice

O, net of justice with mesh so fine,
No minnow escapes thy seep of twine;
O, net with such a lengthy train,
No errant shrimp escapes thy strain;
O, net with reach so long, so vast,
Ne’er tiniest diatom escapes thy cast;
O, net with such a power pull,
Each haul of krill is over full;
O, net of wonder and mystery,
Why, only whales escape from thee!

Thanks for the link.

You might like to Google poetry - James Allen, I really like his audio books as well.

2 Cor 13:13
Eddy Barry

Randall Jarrell, a fine poet and well worth reading. This is his best-known (because most anthologized) poem.

Haven’t read that since English 1A in 1959, a miserable excuse for a course I have tried to forget.

I like “O Captain, My Captain” (Walt Whitman, I think). I remember reading some more poems in the past that were very good, but it’s been years.

I actually used to write poetry, and I was told it was quite good. Only problem is, I would only write when I was feeling borderline suicidal. So I suppose it’s a good thing that I haven’t written any poetry in years. :smiley:

I recently read “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. “Forevermore”- like a haunting echo.

Indeed he is and indeed it is, and for a reason. It’s awesome. :slight_smile:

For some odd reason war poets and war peotry have always fascinated me. John McCrae, Wilfred Owen, Karl Shapiro, Rolando Hinojosa, all wrote just brilliantly I think.

I’ve often tickered with the idea of teaching a class on military history as seen through the eyes of a poet. :slight_smile:


The Homer Simpson version was better!

How about Homer?

Never saw that, but it sounds funny

I think everyone should give poetry ago?
so i’ve set up a poem forum to give everyone a chance to express themselves.
take a look, then join, then write a poem, post it, and enjoy!

A POEM FORUM:thumbsup:

Homer was the man, Bart was the raven.

My favorites:
The Bells…Poe
Glory Be To God For Dappled Things…Hopkins
The Highwayman…some Irish guy would be my guess

But the last poem I read was that one that ends…and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep…that was a week ago.

Yes, let’s just have you read and not write then! I also like O Captain, but generally don’t care for Whitman other than that.

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