When was the last time


You had a decent holiday ,and where did you go? :thinking:


I haven’t had any holidays in recent years… last time was 3 years ago in Bath… which was excellent as I planned it really well to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The holidays before that were 10 years ago to Nice, and 12 years ago to Normandy.

I used to go on holiday every year, I’m not sure why that changed… in any case I reckon I’m due for one *sigh

Edit: forgot about Dublin, I went there for a long weekend last year… so not a real holiday.


Out of likes :slight_smile:
It sounds like a memorable and fun one to Bath.
:pray:t4: that you have another soon .Goodnight/good morning .


Thanks :slight_smile: Yes, Bath was great fun and very educational, too. I also just remembered that I toured Scotland in recent years… can’t actually recall which year it was, though. That was a good holiday, too.

Good evening to you :slight_smile: it’s afternoon for me.


Much of my traveling has been for work, so not a lot of fun. For enjoyment, probably France, Spain, or Italy.

John and I are going to Hawaii in December, though. Looking forward to that.


Morning for me! :grin:


This summer. Went to Boston MA and ate at some of the best Italian restaurants we’ve been to in years! Walked around the city to see the historic sites. Went to Gloucester MA and took a whale watching tour. Saw three whales. One was active for more than an hour, which the tour guide said was very rare. It slapped it’s fins on the surface dozens of times and jumped out of the water a few times. Got it all recorded on our phones.


John, your neighbor? :grinning:


My trips to Hawaii.


New York City, March of 2000.


I got to spend a couple of weeks in Oregon last June.


Jersey, 2005.

After that we spent a long period not going on holiday while The Husband alternated between less-than-ideal jobs and extended unemployment. Since he got his current job, most of my time away from home has been spent on retreat, which is wonderful but not strictly speaking a holiday. When we travel together, we’re usually visiting family (definitely not holiday :confounded:) or staying at our place in the country that he inherited a few years back (not holiday either, as there’s usually work to do on the house).


Just got back last night after a week-long family outing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire (US).

Hiking, swimming, natural wonders, and good weather.

Also stopped by the local Catholic Church from time to time for a Rosary with the regulars, Eucharistic Adoration, and two Masses. :innocent:


Here I must confess that my first thought was the (New) Jersey Shore, but that’s just me being an American :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like a beautiful, peaceful place for vaycay!


Two photos:

Echo Lake and Franconia Notch just before sunset

Sabbaday Falls


Yes, that John. :slight_smile:


OH, you lucky girl! :slight_smile::two_hearts:


I think so, too! :grin:


I figured many people might think that, hence the addition of the link :innocent:

It was mighty relaxing. Been told that Guernsey is also charming:



I recently went with family to visit Leavenworth, WA. It’s a fun town. To some extent, I think it goes a bit extreme trying to be a Bavarian town, but I enjoyed drinking beer at every meal. I’m hoping to return eventually but for Christmas.

Before that, last great trip was Europe on the way back from India. Italy was really nice, and I want to go back and spend more time. I still regret missing that I was going to be in Italy on Easter and not planning a trip to Rome. Oh well, at least Zurich was nice. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about a lot of the people I met, but I still had some pleasant interactions with a few strangers.

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