When was the SSPX formed?

I would like to find out about the history of the SSPX. When was the group formed? I am not interested in any debate about validity of their Masses or Sacraments or any other type of debate. I just want to know their history.

Pete Vere’s done a long, lengthy history that covers their establishment as well as the rest of the their canonical history.

Wow, that was great! Thanks for finding me an article that answered my question so thoroughly. :slight_smile:

I don’t find Vere a very credible source on the SSPX. He’s very anti-SSPX and has been known to fudge the facts. Several years ago he posted an article trying to calumniate Bishop Williamson in which he took a number of quotes out of context. It was called “Bishop Williamson’s Zingers” it was ultimately removed down when the context issue was argued and the bias was exposed. (incidentally, that is what lead to me research the SSPX)

There are a number of sources I suggest you take look into all of them and judge for yourself.

Try one of the official SSPX sites for

Micheal Davies wrote an Apologia for Marcel LeFebvre which is available online as well.

Dr. David Allen White wrote a biography of LeFebvre called “The Horn of the Unicorn.”

If you’re wanting a history of the SSPX, why not go to the SSPX’s website?


Thanks! :slight_smile: I did check it out.

Where can I find those?

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