When we die, we immediately go to purgatory, correct?

We’re not waiting in the grave, waiting to be resurrected, correct?

Not necessarily. We may go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory after death depending on the state of our soul.


Death and then the judgment. Bearing in mind that the purgation process is a state of being, not a place, per se. Those in the state of purgation are being spiritually cleaned up for the heavenly banquet. Think of the process of purgatory as the Lord’s “mud room” We are invited to the banquet, but most of us need some spiffing up.

We must be cleaned, purified before entering (Re: Revelation 21:27). Some, who die in a state of grace and have no attachment to sin, are assumed directly into heaven. So, it is heaven or hell. What we call purgatory is a little side trip on the way to heaven - a good spiritual shower on the way to the eternal Thanksgiving dinner.


It’s difficult for me to imagine any human being, aside from Mary, as being pure enough to come face-to-face with God immediately upon death.


Ok but, in any event, we’re not waiting in a grave, correct?

Often we are purified while yet on this earth via intense suffering. Think of Saint JohnPaul II, or perhaps Saint Peter Claver. Nothing is impossible! And, they are our role models.


Yes, I have used the same analogy.

We’re already forgiven, but we’re not yet spiritually pure enough to meet God, face-to-face, let alone run loose through Heaven, defiling the place.

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There are many saints in Heaven I believe. Don’t underestimate God’s mercy. Remember the good thief on the cross.


What is it about suffering that purifies us?

Good point.

No, we’re not.


Through suffering we conquer our own flesh and draw ourselves closer to Christ on the Cross. That is the purpose of fasting and asceticism. Those who die in a state of grace but still attached to material goods will need to be purified first, because there are no fleshly desires in heaven.


Very nicely put.

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No. The only thing in the Grave is our shell. Our soul is directed to it’s intended place depending on its state at the time of death.


Heaven, purgatory, or hell.

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From the writings of Saint Paul, we are members of Christ’s body (1 Corinthians 12). We are baptized into His death as well as His resurrection (Romans 6:3). Christ’s suffering was redemptive and so as members of His Body, our suffering is, in a sense, also His. Thus, it can be joined to his (re: Colossians 1:24) for both temporal good (others still on this earth) as well as eternal good (the souls in purgation), re: Revelation 21:27.

Through suffering, we both acknowledge God’s greatness, as well as experience our weakness. 2 Corinthians 12. Suffering is the universal human experience. Christ, via His suffering, turned the evil of suffering into good. And, by following in His suffering footsteps, we may also contribute to His work - bearing in mind constantly that we are branches of the vine that is Christ.

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You mean the desire for things like sports cars, Big Macs and hot women? :slight_smile:

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Welp, guess I’ll be doing some time in Purgatory :grimacing:

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Our body is waiting for the general judgement to join our souls. Upon our bodily death our souls go straight to heaven, hell or purgatory.


Thanks. That is my belief as well.

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