when we die...


If I should die, before I confess my sins, will I meet with God and confess to him then and there? Or do I only get this chance, in physical form on earth? Have always wondered about this. I would like to think God would talk with me, and see where I go from there. Most definitely to purgatory for cleansing and purification.



Are you talking about, like, if you die before you get a chance to confess? If you really and truly mean to confess at the earliest reasonable opportunity and you die before then, then it counts as if you had actually confessed, as I understand it.


There is no telling the limits of God’s Mercy. If you are not given the chance to confess in the form of the sacrament before you die…The Lord alone knows your heart even better than you. Trust in his Mercy.

Think of it this way…if men are in battle and they see that their brother (in the eyes of a soldier, all his fellow soldiers are brothers) is about to fall to his death, surely the true friend would do everything he can to save his brother even if it means giving his own life. God’s love is greater even than this, for He gave himself to us on the cross through Jesus His son, Our Lord.

Also, make sure that you develop a good devotion to our Blessed Mother, pray, pray, pray…go to confession frequently (once or even twice a month) be sincere about your contrition and obey your confessor…then, you won’t have to worry about it.
May God bless you!


When we die, and we all will, there will follow judgement and either heaven (with perhaps some purgatory) or eternal loss in hell. No chance for confession after death. God is all good, just and merciful. In this life, He offers us the ordinary means of Sacramental Reconciliation for mortal and venial sins. He offers us other means for forgiveness of venial sins as well. The Sacrament of Last Rites also includes the forgiveness of sins. If we can’t get to Sacramental Reconciliation or Last Rites then we should make an act of perfect contrition. Get in the habit now of frequent sacramental confession and making acts of contrition daily, then don’t fret about death. Help others to do the same!


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