When We Fell, We Got Stupid


Having participated on a Christian forum for a bit, I am pretty much convinced that many people - Catholics and Protestants alike - do not have the ability to judge what is right.

**Our reason works well but it holds things as true which are obviously false. **

Moreover, many people believe faith is contrary to reason - that one can’t be reasonable and have faith at the same time. For example, the creation vs. evolution debate… Or philosophy in general being condemned by some… etc.

What do you all think?


Faith and reason cannot be opposed for they flow from the same God.

Science is a subset of reason. We have to be sure we reason our scienctific observations and theories correctly.

And yes, we did lose the preternatural gifts Adam and Eve had after the fall.


The saying goes, “Concupiscence darkens the intellect”. Mark Shea puts it simply, “Sin makes you stupid” and he has a whole category on his blog dedicated to examples of people using the most asinine arguments to rationalize bad behavior here: markshea.blogspot.com/search/label/Sin%20Makes%20You%20Stupid



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