When will your church begin using the new NO translation?

I was happy to here that my church will use the new translation this coming advent. Has any one else heard when their parish would make the change?

I am hoping with my whole heart that it will be this Advent. We will use the new translations the minute Rome gives the green light.:thumbsup: As much as I would love to use them now, we cannot jump the gun. Nonetheless, I suspect that Rome is just as eager for us to get moving.

What church is that, if I can ask (just generally), and how did you hear? Like BenedictGal, I didn’t think it had been approved for use anywhere yet, except I guess in South Africa where they started using it without permission.

will this be in Canada too, or only the US? anyone know? :slight_smile:

It’s for the entire English-speaking world, including the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada! :thumbsup:

I have not even heard when new liturgical books and other supporting resources, texts, children’s missals, teaching resources etc. will be available. still waiting for Spanish lectionary what is the hold up there?

I am from the diocese of Orlando, Florida. I asked my parish priest and he said we would use it this advent. I hope this is true.

The translations have not received the recognitio yet. After that our bishops have asked for a year prep time. Some parishes have already begun preparations but many have not even mentioned it at all to their parishioners. In fact, I am preparing a theological update for our grad association at the seminary (MA students) and was told by someone in the diocese that we should not be doing that. The workshop in the end of May. Hopefully the recognitio will come out by then, but we are going ahead with the workshop anyway.

You can’t start using the translations until you bishop gives the green light.

Our Deacon said we will use it when it is approved, but the parish will be educated first. So I guess it all depends on the approval, and I don’t know when the education about this will begin, or the process they will use. They have not mentioned this from the pulpit yet, I asked the Deacon about it. He just said it will not be like when the changes were made after Vat. II, but the parish will be prepared first. I am satisfied with this, because if something happens and it isn’t ready by Advent, I think there will be less anxiety about it, and I am assured that we will prepared adequately for it.

Is it the local Bishop that gives the green light for its use?

I’m waiting to see the training materials that the USCCB is supposed to be developing and will train groups from various diocese in several locations. Those people will then take the material back to their diocese and develop training materials for their parishes. Once this has been done we will then begin using the new texts. I understand this will be Advent 2011. No one is supposed to be using it until then.

Advent is target time to switch. There are 7 or 8 pamplets available for distribution explaining the upcoming changes. Our parish will hand out a few hundred sets just prior to the change. These pamplets go into detail and offer a explanation that will make the transition easier.

If you are talking about the brochures from LTP they just came out with them in a book form with a leaders guide. I think these are a lot better than the ones in the pamphlet form. It is the same text as the pamphlets but just all together in one booklet and there is also a bulk discount. I think it comes to just over $1 each.

The training materials are published and are going out to bishops in each diocese. I am registered to go to the training in August. I believe they are restrictive as to who can attend as they are not open to the public but for priests, deacons, diocesan leaders and a few other specific categories of people. There is a preview of the materials, I think on the USCCB website or maybe on the FDLC website. I am not sure because I received the preview in an e-mail and now can’t locate it. It will be up to the dioceses to decide how to use the materials available in their diocese. I know our Liturgy Commission is reviewing all the different materials and we will probably be writing reviews for the parishes to decide which ones they want to use. Also we will be offering diocesan wide training for different groups, priests, deacons, music directors, educators, liturgy committees, etc, probably in the fall.

I would not trust LTP, though. You can download the new translations for free at the USCCB website. Furthermore, not to plug Japhy’s book, but, he does do a lot better job explaining the prayers than I have seen anywhere else.

Now, I still hold that Advent 2011 does not mean the actual 2011 because the new liturgical year begins late in 2010. Furthermore, once the recogntio is given, there should not be too much a delay in printing things in this day and age. I can buy that argument if were were living in 1970, but, this is 2010 and things move a lot faster.

I don’t understand this interpretation of Advent 2011. You’d never call the upcoming Christmas “Christmas 2011”, so why would you call the upcoming Advent “Advent 2011”??? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

That said, how many of the white books still need Rome’s approval? Have they all, with the exception of the last one approved by the USCCB, been approved?

Our parish will begin using the new translations as soon as the grade school revises its writing and composition curriculum to allow for incomplete sentences, dangling participles, and split infinitives. At the same time, high school students in our parish will have Saturday morning classes available for the same purpose. Our pastor will email the principals of all our students’ high schools asking that they be excused for any writing errors they make due to the changes. Since some adult members of the parish may be less than happy about the changes, the PCFBEDM will include handouts in each mass booklet on topics like “Solving RUBRIC’S CUBE”, “THE HISTORY OF THE GIRMASTERS” or “What the Church has done to deal with the current sex scandal” to help occupy their time. The last pamphlet, while brief, should keep people busy until the collection is completed.

While I hope that the change comes sooner rather than later, I have a feeling that it will be another year (until the Advent that occurs in 2011). Ultimately it is a probably a question of whether the major publishers are willing to do the work to get things out on time for a 2010 rollout (they managed to put off the much simpler change regarding the use of the Tetragrammaton for a full year).


Training in the new NO has been scheduled for early fall 2010 for the Seattle Archdiocese.

Other than that all bets are off.

The link at the USCCB is:


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