When Women Rule the World

New Fox-TV show

What if it was “a woman’s world”? What if women made ALL the decisions? If men were their obedient subjects?

These questions and more will be explored when a group of strong, educated, independent women, tired of living in a man’s world and each with a personal axe to grind, rule over a group of unsuspecting men used to calling the shots on WHEN WOMEN RULE THE WORLD.

   The unscripted series will reveal how women and men react in a world where women are in charge and men are subservient, and each gender’s ability to adapt to a new social order will be put to the test.

ok…so what’s the problem?:smiley:

Kidding…it should be everyone’s world…not men or women’s. (It’s actually our Lord’s world, and we are just stewards) This show sounds way out there, though…no? Truthfully…it puts women down because it makes us look like we are discontent being women…and I just hate that media message already!!! I am happy to be what God created!!!

If women ruled the world, nothing would get done, because we’re all bossy and want everyone else to do what we say. I’m glad men rule the world. Gives me more time to go shopping. :wink:

It is already a woman’s world. This show is just a diversion because some man somewhere is starting to get a clue.

LOL at work yesterday we cane to this conclusion. SHE WHO WHINES LOUDEST RULES THE ROOST. Now really what kind of world would it be if it was run by us.:blush:

Not only must you WINE, but you must DINE as well. :smiley:

women are no better then men. if women ruled the world there would simply be a new set of problems.

And people wonder why have been, is now, and always be single and not looking. :smiley: For me, it is not worth the hassle.


:bigyikes: all you want, but I gave up before I left college a couple of decades ago and I am glad I did.

some of us have very happy marriages. my hubby is a sweetie.:smiley:

More men will be psychologically castrated,immature,needy,defeated,whipped.

Here’s my favorite part:

each with a personal axe to grind


While it seemed intriguing, once I went to the link it seemed more like a survivor-clone. All the girls look young and pretty and there’s one ‘bigger’ guy who I’ll bet is the first to go - EXCEPT if there’s some super-loser guy that no one can stand.

Although it might be interesting to see a cat-fight or two. :smiley:

I may watch an episode or two.

And besides all that, wives SERIOUSLY impede ones ability to rack up forum posts!

32,000+ posts!?! Holy smokes!!!

Yep mine also. 39 years next Friday:extrahappy:

…each with a personal axe to grind…

NO ONE with an axe to grind should be allowed to have major or minor political, economic or cultural control, male or female. Example? Hitler. And for some reason, the “tough-minded, independent” description reminds me of Fairy Hardcastle in C.S. Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength” (shudder). The ladies on the show probably aren’t that bad, but…come on, promoting women over men is just as gender-ly biased as men over women.

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