When you break a Novena - start over or just continue where you left off?


I broke a Novena that I was doing. On Friday, we got home very late and I was too tired to make the effort to continue my Novena…which I wish I had at least tried. Do I need to start over or continue? On Saturday, I just continued with day 5, but not sure if that is what I should have done.




Here’s a link for you, Miraluna. It’s from a previous thread.



Thanks, did realize you had posted answer already.

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Dear Miraluna:

It is interesting that you ask this question as I was pondering something similar. If you got home late and you decided to go to bed as you were tired, continue on with the novena and start over after you are through with it the first time. Novenas contain powerful graces and are based on the intention of the person praying one.

Many novenas contain specific prayers for each day and thus all nine sets of prayers must be prayed as written. Any extra prayers you want to add are fine too, but after the prayers are said that are listed in front of you. There are Canon Laws about prayers and how they are to be approached.

God reads hearts… It is the faith in the novena that matters to God, who is all merciful and knows that you are human and need sleep. Remember too: prayer is not a matter of feeling or even ferventcy, (fervent prayer) but it is a matter of choice, obedience, faithfulness to god and your promise to pray properly and daily and again, the act of will made by the person praying. Some have the gift of being fervent and that is wonderful too; many do not. The Little Flower, St Therese, a Carmelie nun, said she never “felt” a thing when she prayed the rosary…




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