When you cannot go to Mass... what do you do?


This morning I’m home with my youngest because he is not feeling well. My DH and oldest son are at Mass. I’m sad that I am not there but I know God wants me to care for my son first.

So I’m listening to some beautiful gospel music, online here, and am about to read some passages from the Bible and pray as best I can with a sick toddler.

What do you do when you cannot attend Mass? Do you listen to Mass podcasts and follow along? I’m curious as to what people do so I can try different things when circumstances don’t permit me to go to Mass.



If there’s an evening mass, maybe try to attend that. Our parish has evening masses, but if yours does not, it is not sinful to miss mass so you can care for loved ones. Hope your son feels better.:o


Well, when one of my kids is sick, my husband and I go to two different Masses. One stays home with the sick child while the other goes to Mass with the other kids. Then whoever stayed home goes to a later Mass alone. We even have a church close by that offers a Mass on Sunday evening every week and our own church offers a Sunday youth Mass in the evening once a month.


I follow along with the Mass (tv.or on-line)at EWTN or www.themass.com.:)


I guess I’ve never had a situation where I absolutely could not go to Mass unless I myself am the sick one, so maybe my earlier answer was not helpful. Missing Mass for those healthy enough to attend is just not an option in our house AND we are lucky enough to live where not missing is easily possible with several Mass times/churches to choose from if we happen to miss all of the Masses at our own church. I realize that not everyone is that fortunate because they might live in less densely populated area. We are blessed, though. If we miss Masses at our church and at the church down the road a ways, then we can always go to our MIL’s church. As a bonus, they all celebrate a “normal” Mass (not any of that weird ad-libbed stuff so common these days) :). We’ve never had to go any farther than one of those churches, though that would be an option if necessary.


I just realized that I sound maybe a bit obnoxious and judgmental in my post. What I mean is that I personally cannot imagine missing Mass on Sunday. I’d feel like I missed out on a not-to-be-missed event if I didn’t go, so we drive around and do what it takes to get to Mass. Since both hubby and I feel that way, I can guarantee that the kids are going too if they are able :). I know not everyone feels that way, though, and that is between them and God. I’d certainly like to see every Catholic feel that way, though :D.


Usually lie in bed, sick, when I can’t go to Mass.:wink:

I couldn’t go when my DH was in the hospital twice. Idid find time to look up the readings for the day.


Since I don’t have small children, usually the only time I would be absent from Mass would be if I were ill. And, if I am ill, I would be in bed sleeping or blowing my nose.

If you are caring for a sick child, you have a little more latitude and so praying the Rosary, watching Mass on TV, reading the bible including that day’s Mass readings, and/or listening to music would all be good options.


What I would do.


On the rare occasion that I can’t make it to Mass, I will watch it on TV and make a spiritual communion. If I can’t see Mass on TV, I at least look up the readings for the day. I will listen to some sacred music, either on CD, or if I’m feeling well enough to be out of bed but not well enough to leave the house, I might play some hymns on the piano.


Aw, hope your little one feels better soon!

Perhaps you could pray part of the Liturgy of the Hours, which is available online

Or pray the Rosary - as many decades as you can fit in during the day.

Whatever you do, God understands! So don’t worry about it. You’re doing the right thing, taking care of your child. :slight_smile:


Check out your diocesan website. They will have a link to the scriptures for the day. Read the scriptures; pray over them. Tend the little one. Not necessarily in that order.



Saint Padre Pio suggested sending your guardian angel to Mass on those occasions you genuinely cannot go.


If you have a missal, you can read the readings yourself at home.
Here is the USSCB site where you can look them up if you don’t have a missal.

In addition, here is a site which has live streaming Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with numerous devotions available. I would recommend a Spiritual Act Of Communion.


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