When you don't use crowdfunding money the way you originally intended to

I set up a Gofundme account originally to get some funds to pay off medical bills and pay for things that aren’t covered by insurance.

I’m a single mom of two, and I currently have metastatic bone cancer.

While some of the money has served the two aforementioned purposes, some of the money has gone toward everyday living expenses (groceries, gas, etc). Please understand that I’m not using the money to do anything extravagant like travel, fancy clothes, fancy dining, etc.

I wasn’t able to work when I first started the account because I was going through chemo. Since Jan of this year, my doctor has taken me off chemo, and wanted to put me on an oral drug. Unfortunately the insurance won’t cover it, so I’ve been in some kind of limbo stage for a while. I’ve applied to a few jobs recently, but I think I ought to stop because my health is starting to decline (increased foggy thinking, losing weight, increasing fatigue, etc.).

I just wanted to know then, have I been sinful with the ways I have been using the money?

Thank you and God bless

It sounds like you set it up to help you cover the expenses resulting from your illness. Your inability to work is a direct result of your sickness, and probably exacerbates it due to stress. I’d say you’re good so long as that’s all your using it for necessities, and not for leisurely things.

I believe it was Aquinas who said that even stealing food was not a sin if it was necessary to live, not that I believe you are stealing in any way. The people who donated to you did so in order that your burden could be eased. I am absolutely certain that part of ensuring that your treatments work as much as possible is that you have good nutrition. Feed yourself well and worry less.

My prayers go with you.

I agree with the other charitable souls who responded to this thread. Though you may not have been explicit in mentioning using the money for daily expenses, it sounds like you are using the money as intended. If I were one of your donors, I would praise God that I could help you and leave it to you to decide where it is needed.

Actually, if you use money from fundraising for other than the stated purpose, it could be considered fraud. If this is still an account open to donations, it would be better to change the description to include living expenses too as well as medical expenses.

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