When You Just Don't Care

What do you do when you just don’t care anymore? About life, family, friends, work, etc.

I can’t say that I’ve been there before, but I suppose I would start out by asking myself what my goals are? Am I seeking, first and foremost, union with Our Lord and that complete sanctification that we’re called to, or am I seeking earthly goals and goods.

Also, I’d probably start a novena right away, and ensure I was praying the rosary every day. The prayer to St Michael would be useful too…


Then one goes to confession for the sin of acedia: :slight_smile:


See a doctor – this can be a sign of depression.

Then your friends will be there to pray for you and tell you what a super great person you are.

Hey Nick. Have I told you what a super great man you are lately?

I second this.

You are absolutely right. In this day and time there is so much that can be done for depression. Please, OP, available yourself of that help. God loves you and wants you to be well. So do your friends at the forum.

I third this.

What happened to make you not Care? How did this come about? Sometimes i feel like saying i dont care anymore i throw up my fist and relinquish my efforts. Usually with in a week ive ventilated enough that my problem no longer lingers. There are times where im like ‘whatever’ but it is usually just a passing phase.

I wouldn’t focus so much on the Source of this ‘nonchalance’, rather the Solution to it.

I’m going through this right now – finding a solution to “not caring about anything”. Life is meaningless, we all die anyways. (I hope my statement doesn’t sound too familiar with you.)

I 4th the idea of consulting a doctor about depression. Perhaps the medical fees may put you off - but Do Get Help.

a best friend shared this with me (upon hearing how ‘meaningless’ life feels to me) "Find the Will. You Have To. If you still doubt, then pray. Let God help your unbelief. "

thank you for starting this thread - the fact that you’re here and asking for solutions is already an achievement, and an indication that an ounce of “care” exists.

:rotfl: Thanks Jen. You’re pretty darn great yourself! :wink:

I’m hoping it’s a passing phase as well. Not sure what really brought it on, but I realized yesterday that I kinda have an attitude of “so what” to everything right now.

For me, doubt is the culprit to this. Is that the root? Tim

:console: <—this, and then pray, God can see us through everything.

also, I 5th the doctor suggestion. One more:console: —>

exercise. it’s good for depression. It stimulates the brain. It provides a positive experience that makes you proud of yourself.

Pray. but not anything too strenuous. lots of aspirations. “Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like Thine.” Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you very much. Save Souls."

take a break, make a change. do a project–something to help you feel passionate again.

Ask for prayers. (oh yeah, do this first). BTW, praying for you! :slight_smile:

read something positive, inspiring and not too deep.

How long has this been going on? If it’s just for a few days, I’d hang in there and wait for it to pass. Maybe it’s the summer heat wave, if you’re experiencing it like we are – nobody wants to do anything but loaf around when it’s this hot. Don’t give up on your prayer life now, even if all you can muster is an Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be. I go through periods like this myself from time to time, and I make myself “act as if,” as they say in AA. These moods feed off isolation, so it helps to get up, decently-dressed, and out of the house even though we’d rather stay home in our pajamas all day, dinking around on the internet or watching TV. It might help to spend some time in front of the Blessed Sacrament as well. If your mood doesn’t improve within a couple of weeks, you would be wise to talk to your doctor about depression or some sort of chemical imbalance. Hang in there, good luck, and God bless! :console:

Is depression a possibility? Medical issues?

Heatwave? That sounds nice. It’s sooo cold over here at the moment. Today is one of the first sunny days for a while. It’s been soooo cold!

I agree with the others… I know with myself when I feel that way it’s usually a medical thing. I have low iron and I can feel so depressed when I’m really low, like I don’t care about anything or anyone. But remember, these are just feelings and they don’t last. Try doing things as if you do care. So your actions are because of real love and not because it makes you feel good. Sometimes its a way of purifying yourself because you do what you have to do because you should and not because you get any rewards from it.

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