When you know your spouse is having a rough day at work


What are some of the things you do for your husband (or wife) when you know he’s having a bad day at the office?


*I buy him a card, or bake him his favorite cake. For some reason, the two done together, he really likes that a lot. lol I also have just sat and listened to him vent. He does the same for me, when I have had a troubling day. Lately, with the economy, there seems to be pressure there that wasn’t there before, in ‘‘normal’’ times. I would just be encouraging, and allow him to vent. My dh like many men, are not good at opening up when they are dealing with a problem. I don’t probe anymore, but my dh has gotten better at venting to me, and not swallowing it. I make sure I’m all ears whenever he is ready to vent, because it’s not always on my timeframe. :o He really appreciates that.

Hope that helps. *


DH sends me an e-card, or sometimes buys me flowers.

And has the kids bathed, ready for bed, the house picked up, and dinner ready when I get home. :slight_smile:


Thanks. My husband’s venting isn’t on my timeframe either. He probably won’t want to talk about his work when he gets home.

I should probably get off the computer, since he doesn’t like to find me on the computer when he gets home from work.


My day may not be going much better than dh’s. While tidying the house, I broke a piece of china. :frowning:


We send love notes by email…


I grab the blanket and pillow, and we cuddle on the couch. He may not say what’s going on, but snuggling makes him feel better. If it’s really bad, I’ll hand him a Smirnoff. :smiley:


I would tell her congratulations on the new job.:smiley: When she is having a bad day at home I usually try to issolate her from the stressers by getting the kids out of her hair and making dinner.

When I am having a bad day and get home, I like coming home to a happy supportive environment. I normally don’t talk to her about it because the things that get me stressed are a lot of work things she doesn’t undrestand and talking about them only reinforces the stress.


When he comes home I kiss him on the nose and let him slip quietly into the bedroom and change his clothes in peace. He comes out a new man!


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