When you pay college tuition


to a college that portrays itself as Catholic but actually endorses anti-Catholic activities, isn’t that fraud? False advertisement? They accept people’s money using the advertisement that they are Catholic but they aren’t should somehow be illigal.

lifesite.net/ldn/2005/oct/05102804.html A student is going to be expelled for defending Catholic doctrine in a ‘Catholic’ University. Please e-mail the University President (the e-mail link is in the article) and then the Catholic Defence League. This student apparently is not backing down and that in itself is a miracle, we should all do our duty and not look away from this.


You’re right. Duquesne U. is no longer a Catholic college, not only for going after this brave young man, but for accepting the homosexual agenda as a “justice issue”, which it most decidedly is not. The best thing that could happen is happening here, so parents can be aware that if they want their son or daughter to get a Catholic education, they shouldn’t send their children to Duquesne but to Stuebenville or Ave Maria or some other college that actually believes and teaches Catholic teaching.


Yes, but not only that, we shouldn’t take this lying down. What this University is doing should be illegal. If we could call attention to the fruad that this University is engaging in and get justice for it, can you imagine the precident that would set? Catholic Universities that portray themselves as Catholic would actually have to be Catholic or risk fraudulent charges.

The opposing arguement would be ‘what defines Catholicism’ and the responce would be that the buck stops at the Vatican and complete orthodoxy to what she teaches. Anything else would have to be distinctly labelled.


You may want to contact the ACLA American Catholic Lawyers Association. americancatholiclawyers.org/ for help.


I want to write to the president but am not sure how to word the letter. Any suggestions? Thanks and God bless!


Thank you very much, I e-mailed them. :slight_smile:

But I think it would be very sad indeed if I was the only one to e-mail them or the Catholic Defence League. Wouldn’t that be pitiful?

Please everyone that reads this thread, please don’t fall into the sin of ommission (which I am guilty of in many instances) in this case. For all the people that moan about their local Catholic School that isn’t orthodox or doesn’t Catechize their children well, don’t miss this opportunity to put your moaning into action.
.02 deposited


[quote=EsclavoDeCristo]I want to write to the president but am not sure how to word the letter. Any suggestions? Thanks and God bless!

Thank you for responding :slight_smile:

It’s probably best to write out a rough draft and get all the issues down. Then try to make it as clear and concise as you can. You might want to pass it by a friend or relative so they can help you with the structure.


Has anyone else written to the president?


This is a link to another thread in Catholic News here in CAF.


I graduated from the Paralegal institute at Duquesne. While there I noticed that the school was quite liberal in all of its views. That being said I could never agree with someone saying that another human was “sub-human”. This view is also non-Catholic.

Also I was an adult with grown children when I attended. I would not suggest sending young adults to the school as it is now.


I just sent an email to Dr. Dougherty after reading the article on Life Site News. I asked him how Jesus would fare at his university if he wasn’t allowed to say anything that might offend someone.

God bless you, Ryan Miner!!!


[quote=KathleenElsie] That being said I could never agree with someone saying that another human was “sub-human”. This view is also non-Catholic.

Actually, if you read the article linked. It clearly states that he was describing the** act**

of homosexuality as sub-human, not homosexuals themselves. He cited the Catechism do defend himself which is quite clear that the act is disordered.

I think that the professors that put him on ‘trial’ just heard the word ‘sub-human’ and didn’t bother to differentiate or try to hear his arguement.


If you want to change someones behavior it is usually best IMHO not to insult them. This knowledge might come with age and lots of prayer. So in my very humble opinion the use of the word “sub-human” was a very poor choice of word.

It might well be true that that is all the profs heard, read or whatever. Yet, we are dealing with human nature here and it is human to turn off when confronted this way.

I do not agree that the student should be punished for this lack of kindness. If her were one of my children it would have been turned into a learning situation. Biblical and language use to start with.


But the thing is, that the bigger lack of kindness would be if he didn’t point it out in fear that he might ‘offend’ somebody.



sin is “subhuman”, since mankind in his purest form was never created with sin in mind, and this is the direction of our calling in life; back to perfect unity with God as it was before the days of Noah.



Has anyone who wrote to the school president received a reply?


I wrote, got no reply from the college president.

However, I cc’d the school paper editor and she took exception to the fact that I was concerned about the apparent bias of their reporting (didn’t he state that it was the homosexual act that was abhorent?). She wigged and then got mad that I’d accused her (the editor) of writing the editorial, which she hadn’t!

Hello, anyone heard of letters to the editor. They aren’t addressed to a person, they’re addressed to an office, filled by a number of individuals in the editorial role. Oh well, I’m trying to get out of here for 3 days in So. Cal, chaperoning a school field trip to Catalina Island, so I didn’t get back to her.

Gotta Go,



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