When you say a rosary?

When you say a rosary does the time go fast or slow ? And you get different thoughts?

What are you asking?

Having spent time in the holy land, one can’t ever say the Rosary or read the bible again, the same way.

When meditating on the 20 mysteries of the Rosary, meditating and walking through Our Lord’s life here on earth, as well as the Blessed Mother’s life also, the Rosary for me goes slowly.

When I was a kid and a teenager, the Rosary seemed to go very slowly because I wasn’t that into saying it. I could not figure out why both my parents were saying it constantly.

Now that I am my parents’ age the time goes just right when I say it. I like to say it and think about it. I guess this is called “gaining in wisdom” and “becoming your parents”.

I try to say the rosary whenever I get the free time to do so.

Sometimes I say the Rosary and I can’t believe I’m through it so fast, I actually try to slow everything down and enjoy it more. However, when I first started it went so slow that I had to force myself to do it everyday.

I think it’s a maturity thing, that and probably an understanding of what you are actually doing, the spiritual weapon you are holding and what it can do.

First of all, it is a prayer. A contemplative prayer. One can be absorbed, or immersed, in the prayer at times. And yes, some little illuminations do occur from time to time. The quieter the environment, the better to contemplate. At adoration of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is one of the absolute best locations for contemplative prayer, as you may then contemplate on several levels.

Just noticed this this morning. The Sorrowful Mysteries seem to take much longer, and it’s harder to keep my mind from wandering. The Glorious Go the fastest. Joyful and Luminous somewhere in between.

Time goes quickly when I pray the rosary.

It just depends for me- some days it goes quickly and some days it does not. I always get lost when saying it with other people because they say they Hail Holy Queen way faster than I do. I was never taught the Rosary growing up and so I had never heard anyone say the Hail Holy Queen out loud, so I defaulted to saying it slowly.

If you think of the Rosary as a rote recitation-yes, time will drag. It is a prayer as others have mentioned. It is a very powerful prayer as well as a spiritual disipline. Make time for it. If you have trouble with the mediations you can find the Rosary on line with the appropriate meditations for the right days. And you can pray right along with many others around the world or “go it alone.” Peace

For me is goes fast. But I think it is because I’m used to it now. When I started it felt long obviously.

It’s not the time it takes to say the Rosary —it is the reverence it is said with. Non Catholics think we Catholics just “rattle our beads while we say repetitious prayer”. If the Rosary is said correctly each and every mystery is said as if the person saying the Rosary was there present at that exact mystery. In other words we should try as much as possible when saying the mysteries of the Rosary to put our thoughts totally into what that mystery is all about, what was said-done-felt. We should want to feel like we are there at the actual time the mystery took place. The Rosary is a living retelling of Our Lord’s life and we should want to “be there” with Him as much as possible.

I know I get distracted a lot when saying the Rosary but I always try to bring myself back to the actual Mystery I am praying, even if I have to do this over & over.

As for the thoughts and distractions, the used to discourage me, but then I thought maybe some of these distractions are God’s way of letting me know these things would merit extra prayer. I still get distracted, but always return to the particular mystery I am supposed to be meditating on. Sometimes my rosaries take a looong time to complete.

I figured I’d chime in. I like to “dedicate” a bead of each decade to a particular family member who has died. I don’t know if this is okay to do, since a lot of people meditate on the mysteries. I haven’t quite gotten that far in my spiritual prayer life yet. It was just a couple of years ago that I had to pray to be able to pray more often. So far, it’s working and I try to get in at least 3 rosaries each week, hopefully more.

I try to clear my mind of all distractions and focus on Jesus. I suppose there is some meditation involved, like about his perfect sacrifice for us and things like that.

I try to say the rosary before the rest of the family gets home, so it’s quiet, and so I can focus on the words and take my time. Since I’m talking with God, I feel as though I don’t want to rush it.

I have a tendency to get easily distracted. I like to read a scriptural rosary that helps to keep me focused. I have a little book that I use at times, or I will say it from a rosary site to help me stay focused.

I prayed the rosary one time and it felt like I was in the comfort of God and the Blessed Virgin for hours, when it was only for about 20 minutes.

When I say my Rosary I say it ,slowly mediating on each decade when I say,It it takes me a half Hr,for Mary has always come to my Aid. I Love her AMEN :gopray2::angel1:

I try to make mine last longer by saying them slowly because I love to pray the rosary so much! :):wink:


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