When you say you will pray for someone


… how do you go about that? Do you make a list and when you have time you pray for those on your list? Do you pray for someone right away, like when you read their post in which they share their plight? And which prayer do you say? Or do you make up your own?
I tend to pray right away, and I make up my own. Lately the feeling has crept up on me that maybe I am going about it all wrong. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this.


I usually will pray for the person right away, but then also when I say my daily prayers, like the rosary and the way of the cross (also the 15 St. Bridget prayers which serve as a way of the Cross) I commend all the people I carry in my heart to the Heart of Jesus. I don’t always go through all of their names, it doesn’t matter if I don’t remember them - you can be sure Jesus does! I am very thankful that God is not a lawyer…His Justice is tempered by His Mercy. He sees the offering of my heart and honors it by His love!

Hope this helps!

Peace and Blessings,


Good question. :thumbsup: But there’s really no “one” answer. Some people prefer to pray, spontaneously… that is, the moment a prayer is needed. While others, do make lists. I fall somewhere in the middle.

My usual method… is that I do keep a “list” (in the form of varying daily intentions, written out on index cards); but I also “add” to my list, spontaneously. For example, the brother of a friend in California… just passed away last week. I added him to my list, this week… though he isn’t on my “regular” list of intentions.

I hope my garbled opinion, made some sort of sense. :wink: God bless!


I think it may depend, too, on the depth of your personal prayer life…there are so many ways to pray. Petition, Intercession, Vocal Prayer, Mental Prayer, Meditation, and even Contemplation. For myself, I think of Jesus offering Himself to the Father for ALL of us at one time. And in the quiet of my heart, I try to offer my own self as an Instrument of His Love for the good of ALL persons, and then for anyone that He has willed to have asked me for Particular Prayers. Another way is to Light a Candle on my home altar for All Particular Needs that were expressed to me. And re-light it daily maybe for a week or so, until it burns down. Blessings!!


I usually do it right away, plus I take them in my heart to Jesus when I go to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and while at Holy Communion during Mass and also whenever I pray the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I usually mention all my prayers of gratitude then too.

Sometimes I read the prayer intensions on here and don’t say anything but still pray for them, as I am sure many others do the same. Or when I hear something on the news or in my personal life, just going through my regular day I am usually praying for someone.

I usually remember something about the person, either their name or the incident or the person who asked for prayers for them, sometimes I say for all the members of CAF and their intensions.

In my own personal life I usually mention everyone by name, but sometimes, since my family is huge, I might say for my husband, all my children, grand-children, brothers and sisters, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, neices and nephews and all of their families, something along those lines.

I usually name all of my grand-children and then also pray for all of those born and preborn and future grand-children.

For our Holy Father in particular I try to say at least an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be for him daily, for all Priests, Religious, Mother Angelica, Fr. Benedict Groshel, and other special intenions. These I usually mention when praying the Holy Rosary, at Adoration and during Holy Communion or while praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

If someone sounds in dire need I usually mention them first, I always try to pray for those who are suffering, sick at home, in hospitals, nursing homes, care centers, rehabs, etc…
The elderly, those suffering from terminal illnesses, and all with special needs, etc…

I sometimes say other prayers for those, in particular, that are addicted to anything, that they may be released from their addictions.

Sometimes I say for the whole world, our President, and all world leaders.

I also always try to remember to pray for those who are considering abortion that they may keep their babies or offer them up for adoption and pray fhat they go to loving families.

Another part of the Mass that a lot of prayer intensions are mentioned in my heart is the Prayers of the Faithful, when the priest says and for all our personal intentions…

I also may ask a particular Saint for an intension, such as asking St. Joseph to intercede for people seeking employment, etc…

I will be gone for a couple of weeks, so keep me in your prayers and I will be sure to do the same.:crossrc:

I agree with the post above too by pureDzire about Petition, Intercession, Vocal Prayer, Mental Prayer, Meditation, and even Contemplation…and of course prayers of praise and gratitude!!:thumbsup:


I usually pray right away and I usually pray the Hail Mary, the Our Father, and the Glory Be or I’ll pray just one of those.


Don’t forget you can also offer sacrifice for someone/something. Abstaining from food when you’re hungry for maybe an hour or refraining from drink for an hour when you are thirsty, etc. When you decide to make the sacrifice, at that moment state your intentions if you are offering that for someone/something in particular.

There is a general daily schedule i go about in my life. Any prayers i will say for special intentions are said at the very end of my day just before i go to sleep in the form of a single Hail Mary. While saying the Hail Mary i will not so much concentrate on the words but will try to visualize the person and any particular place that may have significance to that person or the specific intention.

Sometimes if i have some time and spiritual motivation in the middle of my day i will visit the Prayer Intentions part of this forum and see if any particular intention moves me deep down inside (i use that empathy. Empathy pours forth from the heart. God looks at the heart at time of prayer/sacrifice). For these i will usually do right then and there a form of self-mortification which shall remain unspecified at this time.

Edit to add: Oh, and sometimes also a Hail Mary if there is extra time before or after Mass. It is great to keep in mind and pray for those special intentions while before the Blessed Sacrament.


I usually say a quick prayer right then and there. I also write it in my prayer journal. I will then pray for all the prayer intentions in my journal when I am saying my prayers. I also go back and mark how the prayer requests were answered so I can thank and Praise God for that.


sometimes I pray for them right away, sometimes later… either the Our Father/Hail Mary, or in my own words. If it’s a serious request I add other prayers and remember them in my evening prayers or Adoration, Mass, etc.


I usually pray for them right away in the form of a Hail Mary or a prayer that I make up on my own. If it’s really serious, I may offer the next mass I attend for that intention.:slight_smile:


I pray right away, but I also keep a list for intercessory prayer.


I’ll often try to keep a person in prayer for a period of time, like during the course of a day or week. For me this means trying to be aware of that person and his needs during the day and offering shorter prayers at various times, such as “Lord, grant so and so your strength and help him be aware of your presence.” Cultivating a general awareness of the person and the Lord’s presence with him or her not only aids the individual, I believe, but also serves to remind me that the Lord is constantly walking by my side as well. I will also ask others to keep the individual in prayer, including patron saints, and so try to be aware of a web of prayer that encapsulates that person in love and care. The apex of my prayer for that person occurs at the Sunday liturgy. I’ll remember that person and her intentions specifically at mass and pray for the Lord’s intercession.


Because I tend to get distracted easily I always say a prayer straight away addressing the problem as I best understand it and the name of the person(s) involved. I make up the prayer and then usually type out an Our Father, or Hail Mary, Glory Be etc. I write down the name and request.

After my Rosary I generally recall those I prayed for. In very special cases I will specifically pray for them after the Rosary for as long as I feel necessary.

Reading the above, I’m going to recall the requests at Sunday Mass too.



I tend to pray right after, because I’d probably end up forgetting their request soon enough.


when someone asks for prayer, such as when I read a request here, or get it in person, I immediately say OF, HM, GB, or just HM if there is no time, and then in regular prayer time esp. the rosary ask help “for all those who have asked me for prayer”. We have in back of church a box where people can put prayer requests, and these are prayed for specifically at “organized” prayer times when the parish gathers such as the DM chaplet, rosary, stations, after daily Mass etc., and each “regular” member of the group takes a few to pray with over the course of the week or month. We also have a basket for prayer intentions for CCD, and pray specifically for those (w/o giving alot of detail) before and after each CCD session.


Thank you all for your replies! You have given me a lot of new ideas on how to go about it. Thank you again.


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