When you were growing up did you wish for...?


A poll about how you felt about your siblings. Please answer how you felt when you lived in the family home, not how you feel now as an independent adult.


I love my sisters there is nuthing i wouldnt do for them we have a strong bond i am so glad to have them. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)


I grew up with 1 brother, 14 months older than me. I wished for a sister - or more siblings at least.


I was the oldest of 4 - and happy with that. I never begrudged my siblings - truly LOVE them all, but at times I did feel ignored or brushed off when our parents focused on the youngest ones. Being the oldest was always hard because you’re expected to “grow up and deal with it” while the youngest ones are always “babied”… I know it’s the classic scenario…


I answered for me now (I’m 16). I have one brother and I’ve wanted a larger family…


When I was little we prayed for another sibling in our evening prayers, and when my mom got pregnant we prayed that it would be twins so we could have an even number of boys and girls in the house. :rolleyes: I was child number 4 and my mom did indeed have twins, a boy and a girl. :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t speak for when I was mad at a particular sibling, but I never wanted to be an only child or have fewer siblings. It was kind of novel that I had 5 siblings and therefore cool (along with my 12 letter last name).


I was one of 7 children but only lived with one sibling and my grandmother - the rest lived with my father. I dreamed of living all together, and pined for their visits. As an adult, I think I still want that dream for my own children, and that is probably a large part of why I want a large family.

Wishing for a little brother or sister never occurred to me, probably because I’d never met my mother since I could remember (she’s been out of the picture entirely since I was 3 or 4) and everyone knows you need a mother to get a little brother or sister, even as a little child.

I didn’t vote, because I’m not sure which category I’d go into - the family of 2, or the family of 7.


I have 4 brothers - 1 older, 3 younger.

I wanted a sister :p


I have two older brothers (one is 14 years older, and the other one is 10 years older). I was a mistake (at least that is what what my father always said). :D My mom said I was a surprise, she always wanted a girl. :D I always wanted a younger sister, I always felt lonely.


Youngest of 8, and always wished for a younger sibling.


I have one brother, three years older. The ONLY thing we have in common are our parents. I speak to him maybe...maybe once or twice a year.


I am the oldest of five; one sister and three brothers. My sister was 13 months younger than I am and when she passed away seven years ago I was broken-hearted. I miss her still. I have always been proud of my handsome brothers but have to admit that they were spoiled by my parents and in the end it was no real favor to them. I love them all.


I am the eldest of seven. Four boys and three girls. We had a fantastic childhood, for which everyone of us is truly thankfull. We were and still are fiercely loyal to one another. While growing up, we often fought like cats and dogs, but woe betide any outsider who tried to pick a fight with one of us, for the’d invariably have all seven to deal with! We grew up on a farm and we just had a ball. Our extended families were big and boisterous and life was grand. You can’t beat a big family for fun, support and the installation of some good manners and the ability to get along with others. Of course, it all depends on Mum and Dad and ours were fabulous parents.:thumbsup:


I’m an only child and growing up with it I was happy with it but as I’ve gotten older I’ve seen how its effected me socially. I’m not saying that every only child will have social issues but I believe there is a greater chance of it happening. Also when you get older there is more stress at the thought of having only yourself after your parents pass on…


I had 3 brothers...I wanted sisters.
...just one would of been ok, but I wanted another just incase she annoyed me.


I was an only child. And I always wanted siblings. I remember begging my parents to adopt, when I first learned that adoption existed. :D


I am the eldest of eight…four boys, four girls. It was hard at times…but I loved having so many different personalities and interests around me:rolleyes:…and I love watching the youngest growing up, since I practically raised her myself!


[quote="LilyElain, post:17, topic:182486"]
I am the eldest of eight....four boys, four girls. It was hard at times...but I loved having so many different personalities and interests around me:rolleyes:...and I love watching the youngest growing up, since I practically raised her myself!


Now isn't that a trait of being the eldest - being responsible for your younger siblings. it goes with the territiory of you being the eldest. After all, in a big family, raising everyone takes a team effort and as the older children become , well, older, they take on more and more of the responsibility of helping with the youngest children. Part of it is also a natural protectiveness which comes with the position, but I suspect a lot of it is because you are asked to help and also because your parents are role modelling for you at the same time.
I wouldn't have changed places with anyone for anything. :thumbsup:


I feel exactly the same way! I’m the oldest of six children, and I’m very happy about it. I love having lots of younger siblings!


What I really wanted was a horse. I always loved horses. I wanted lots of siblings too but my family was really poor and my parents had the most children they could afford…I mean we just slip by on a narrow thread barely making it. Anyway my siblings are so far apart in age it was sort of like being an only child. I’m old enough to be their mother. :o Some people thought I was at times when I took them out. :eek:

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