When your church is wrong, who gets the blame?

When the CC is wrong (selling indulgences, for example), the Church accepts the blame. The CC hasn’t changed any doctrine, so the things that are wrong are of the man-made variety. The popes and priests have never been perfect people. The Pope, though, is protected from error when it comes to ex cathedra statements on the faith. The Church was wrong about Gallileo, for example, but that wasn’t a doctrinal issue. It was human error, not an error in doctrine.

What about non-Catholic churches in which the members say that Jesus is the only leader? They say that they are lead by Christ alone. What happens, then, when they decide that one or another doctrine of the church is wrong, like women in the priesthood, birth control, gay marriage, and the many other changes that took place after Luther’s followers split from the CC? If Jesus is leading their churches, and the doctrine must come from Christ, how do they explain changes in doctrine?

The CC also asserts that she is following Christ alone, but we also assert that revealed truths can’t be changed. If it’s true, it’s true. Because these truths come from God, they can’t be wrong.

How do non-Catholic Christians reconcile the idea that Jesus doesn’t teach error and their changing the doctrine?

Or maybe the question should be, How are non-Catholic Christians ever sure that they know what the truth is when the truth keeps changing?

So many non-Catholic Christians on the forum say that it’s the CC that has it wrong, but their own churches have a history of changing doctrines. ???

It seems that changing doctrines is an admission that something in the doctrine was wrong. If the church has this or that doctrine wrong, how can anyone be sure that they rest of it is correct?

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