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Hi guys. So I’ve been reading a lot of these threads and it seems that even when people are doing the best they can, they are still feeling down. This is to be expected when you’re in a bad situation and stress is over-powering you, but I thought i’d make a thread for all of us to come together and list some things that would help somebody if they were feeling down. I’m not making this thread as a way to solve anyones problems, I’m just simply asking that we list some things that somebody could do in the meantime whenever they’re feeling down. Some things that I recommend for people when they’re down is to read, write, paint, exercise, talk with friends, go for a walk, watch a movie, go for a trip, make crafts…
I know what its like to go through depressing times, but one thing I really didn’t do was occupy myself well. I usually ended up finding myself sitting there, with the depression clouding over me. I should have took others advice to get out and do things. Always remember that when you’re feeling down, try not to let it over come you. Always keep yourself occupied in a healthy manner and it will heal you better. So this thread is just for us to come together and list some activities that we feel could help with our sad times.


Pray… Try to place all that anxiety into gods hands. put it in a box and let go of it trust that he can handle all things and give yourself permission to go out and have that good time, make those crafts, etc… its ok to let go of it for awhile


Praying is at the top of my list, however, I just downloaded an app for my Ipod Touch that has a bunch of pics of cute kittens on it. Looking at baby animals always makes me smile. :slight_smile:


Anne~What’s the name of the app? How much? That sounds like an awesome way to cheer yourself up! :thumbsup:


I just wish I had the TIME and/or money to actually go do those relaxing things… :frowning:
I haven’t done a “craft” since college (oh, 9 1/2 years ago)…
I haven’t read a “book” in years…
etc… etc…


The app with the photos of the kittens is called “App Kitten.”

There is a free version with 25 pics and a paid version for either $.99 which has 300 pics.

I love it.


Time in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Time with my parish young adult group.

Working on my anullment statement (hey - it is freeing)


Maybe while your on these forums, you could also do one of those activities. :slight_smile:

And yea, the apple store has many cool widges that I used to have when I had a mac laptop.


HA! I’m on these forums when I’m at *WORK *sitting in front of my computer (it’s my only available outlet - probably shouldn’t be distracted from work, but hey, I have enough stress and need some outlets)… or, like now, at 11pm after finally finishing up all my housework - I’ve got about 5 minutes before crashing and getting back up for the craziness at 5am… :frowning:
Off to bed… :o


[quote="Em_in_FL, post:9, topic:214354"]
HA! I'm on these forums when I'm at *WORK *sitting in front of my computer (it's my only available outlet - probably shouldn't be distracted from work, but hey, I have enough stress and need some outlets)... or, like now, at 11pm after finally finishing up all my housework - I've got about 5 minutes before crashing and getting back up for the craziness at 5am... :(
Off to bed... :o


What's your occupation?


prayers and sunlight (of course, sunlight during the non-freezing months). The Vitamin D your body creates from the sun exposure helps to increase your energy which helps in changing your mood. I also stop and look at the sky and remind myself that every sunrise, sunset, clear sky, grey sky, stormy sky, is a painting from God (and I’m not an art fan). That helps a lot. Just slowing down one’s life, even for a brief period each day, can help change a mood. Think about it, how many of us really stop to smell the roses each day? I know that for me, most of the time I feel like I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I also commit to a lot less activities (for practical and sanity purposes), and even though my extended family was not happy at first with this fact (which increased my stress initially) they have now come to accept that I haven’t cut them out of my life by not going to every party every month, but that I treasure all of my family, but that my immediate family comes first.


Wife & Mother of 3 - 24/7 :smiley:
Electrical Engineer (stress is killing me) - during the work day…
Plus, my husband is never home before 9pm… so most evenings it’s like being a single working mom…


Hi all,
On a general note, I heard it said once (and it has always stayed with me) :

If ever you feel out on a limb, remember that that limb is connected to a branch that is itself connected to a mighty tree.

IOW, we are each of us broken but connected; and in our journey back to Him we should help each other with kindness and patience.
God Bless,


I’m sorry to hear that. =
But from your display name, I take it that you live in florida? If thats the case, then at least you like where you’re living and working. Lucky girl, I live in Wisconsin.


I have something that always makes me feel good. I make cards, hand made greeting cards, and I really like doing it. I can’t possibly use all the cards I want to make. Then a few months ago I got an email from a local craft store about Operation Write Home. Crafters all over the country make cards for military personnel to send their families and friends. Since May, I’ve been making about 50 cards a month, 5 or so of each design, and then the craft store ships them to a central location. We send tons of cards all over the world every month. I have a lot of designs I’ve used in the past and really liked, but since most people I send cards keep them I don’t want to repeat. I made a bunch of Halloween cards from favorite older designs that will all be fresh to the people who use them and receive them.

I take care of my dad, who has dementia. He’s alone all day while I’m at work, and I have a 30 miles commute, so I’m gone about 11 hours every weekday. He’s really bored and he’s lonely. When I’m not at work, I’m with him, except for very rare occassions. This is something I can still do and be sitting there watching TV with him.


Do you have siblings? What about your mom? Also too, I think that is very cute that you make cards like that. Being creative for a good purpose is always the best way to go rather than doing drugs to try and be creative. :slight_smile:


I moved in with my parents about 10 years ago when I fell and blew out my knee. I ended up having pulmonary emboli (yes, more than one) and spent a little time in the hospital for that after the surgery and couldn’t have any physical therapy for several months. When I was finally ready to go home, my mother had a couple heart attacks, and things just went down hill. She died in 2006. Dad had about 18 good months, then started acting a little strange. He’s been taking Aricept for about 18 months, and we have good days and bad days. They took care of me, he and I took care of her, and now it’s my time to take care of him. When I got divorced, I was able to go back to college and then to work without having to worry about my kids. My parents were always there when I needed them, and I’m ready to return the favor.

I have two sisters, one is much younger and has kids at home as well as a full time job. Her husband was out of work for almost 2 years, and things got pretty rough for a while. My other sister is an actress and choreographer, and her daughter has a year old baby whose father died when the kid was 6 months old. My kids are 29 and 31, and can take care of themselves. The actress helps pretty much, but I live here.


An actress? Is she famous? Whats her name? And im very sorry to hear about this. Life has its ups and downs. The circle of life can be tough.


I like to rent interesting foreign DVD's to watch! It usually really gives me a lift! The last one I saw was a German film called "North Face", about some Germans climbing up the Aiger North Face in Switzerland---true story.... It really helps when you see a little bit of the rest of the world...and especially events in the past. I love any WWII themed movies.....we think life is hard now,? just think what it was like to live in Europe during the Nazi invasion, and having loved ones sent away to concentration camps and gased, etc. I love history! It puts all things in perspective.

I also loved the movie "Little Ashes" about Salavador Dali, the painter.


[quote="BlueShadow123, post:18, topic:214354"]
An actress? Is she famous? Whats her name? And im very sorry to hear about this. Life has its ups and downs. The circle of life can be tough.


She's pretty well-known around St. Louis, but you may have seen her in Up in the Air with George Clooney. She played a hotel clerk who wouldn't let him get in the short line because he wasn't a member of their privileged group. She did one Broadway show back in the early 1980s, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, and she sat in a restaurant during a scene in As the World Turns, or maybe Guiding Light. There was a character named Nola who was her friend and that's how she got to do it. We all moved to NYC in 1975 and 1976 and I never set foot on stage again, except for the recitals from the dancing school where I taught. My ex-husband is a stage hand and still works, but he's getting pretty old to be climbing around on ladders hanging lights. I hope he's more management these days but don't know.

My sister is doing a one woman show called Last of the Red Hot Mamas at the New Jewish Theatre in December, obviously about Sophie Tucker. I'm really looking forward to that. She did The Subject Was Roses last spring and was really wonderful. She did Menopause the Musical for about a year and was even more wonderful. She played the old hippie the call Earth Mother. She's part of the Muny Troupe at the St. Louis Municipal Opera, a huge outdoor theatre in Forest Park. There are about 12,000 seats and 1100 are free for every performance. She's been doing that since 1971 or 1972, still in high school. Her opportunities are somewhat limited these days since she's 56 and there are a lot of actresses here in that age range and very few parts for them. She also choreographs musicals and show choirs around town.

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