Whenever I think we're done for financially, God Provides!

I don’t know if anyone else has this experience, but it seems that whenever DH and I have finally got to the point of not knowing how on earth we’ll pay the bills, money shows up. Sometimes it’s money from the government (we get small tax rebates for being poor), sometimes it’s my wealthier relatives sending us gifts cause they know we’re hard up, sometimes it’s me finding a cheque in my pocket from something that I hadn’t remembered to cash.
Anyways, I started this thread because after calculating our income for the coming year I realized that DH’s fell a little short of what I’d expected. Our budget would work, but it was extremely tight with only $50 leftover for saving each month. In Canada, the government gives you 55% of your income for mat leave for a year. I wasn’t sure how it was calculated, but figured they would include the time I wasn’t working this year (recently graduated) to my average so it would only be $500 a month or so. Well, I just found out that they calculate it differently than I thought and it’s closer to $1000 a month! We might actually be able to put a sizeable dent in DH’s student loan this year. I’m just so grateful to God for looking out for us (and I’m pretty grateful to the government of Canada too- after this and the $200 a month or so in baby bonuses we’ll recieve I’ll be making only $200 less a month than when I was working full time!)

I have heard of other people mentioning this phenomenon. Glad you are being provided for :slight_smile:

The 55% top up maxes out at $40,000 or something so the most you can get from the Fed Govt mat leave employment insurance program if you make six figures for example, is $1,400/month AFTER tax. That is what I will be getting starting next week :smiley:

Once junior is born, you’ll get $100/month (taxable) Universal Child Care Credit and possibly Child Tax Benefit and another credit in your province as well, especially if you are low income. GST credit will increase as well. Yay.

Some people on this board are probably thinking we are such government sucks in Canada eh?

I’m sure this is for the U.S.


a second income calculator. :slight_smile:

God is so good!

What about the billions of people who aren’t provided for and don’t find the money at the end of the day?

Half the world — nearly three billion people — live on less than two dollars a day.

30,000 children die due to poverty everyday.

Every 2nd child on the planet lives in poverty.

Is God providing the money for you, or is it simply happenstance that you were born in Canada and the privileged society that you live in?

Tough question…but it needs to be asked.

I hate to rain on anyone’s parade but I wonder how people in starving countries feel about how God is providing for them? My point is that you are lucky to live in a Western land of plenty where there is enough to pick of the financial slack for you. To attribute all your good luck to God’s personal intervention is to imply that you are getting special favours from God while your less fortunate starving brethren are getting ignored.

I agree with the last two posters that money from the government is not money from God. The bottom line is that money from the government is actually money from fellow citizens. Just because it goes through the government before being redistributed doesn’t negate the fact that it’s still from other people.

That is wonderful…yes, I have had similiar experiences–God is watching over us always. He is truly our loving Father. I’m very happy for you–God bless!

I think it’s wonderful that your gushing over the OP believing that her mis-calculation regarding her maternity benefits was divinely inspired and not simply a case of a mathematical error.

What say you to my very legitimate concern that it seems out of line that God would allow a comfortable North American to find some extra cash ( Divinely driven cash as the OP clearly states), while allowing 30,000 children to die due to the circumstance of their birth?

No response? Just gushing happily along are we? :shrug:

Maybe the TIMING is what God provides. Whatever it is, it has happened to me, and it’s a good feeling.

The timing is off for most of the world population don’t you think?

:confused: Not such a good feeling for the billions of people living in poverty, while we get all giddy and start praising the Lord about finding a few extra bucks in a mis-calculated maternity benefit?

I’m sorry, but I do not believe that God is helping you. There are starving people with fatal diseases and absolutely NO money in third world countries with faith just as strong (if not stronger) than yours, and yet they get nothing from God.

I think it is selfish to believe that God is helping you (when you obviously have means to sustain yourself, or family/friends to turn to) over those people.

This whole “have faith and you will be well-off in life” thing is a load of garbage.

I find the same thing - I may be eating white rice and nothing else, but I never go hungry.

Onetimeposter, God also provides to those in third-world countries, although in some cases other people actively prevent the poor getting what they need. My boyfriend is from the Philippines, which is a third world country although not on the scale of Africa and war-torn regions. From spending time with him and his friends, I’ve found that God also provides to them.

Not once have I heard someone say, “My father died because nobody could pay for his treatment.” Never has someone declared to me, “my daughter is turning to prostitution to put food on our table” or “my son is robbing convenience stores to buy his kids diapers.” These are very real fears in the Philippines, and I’ve met girls who considered becoming prostitutes at the age of 17 to pay for their younger siblings’ educations. However, for those who pray and trust in God, and for many that do not, the money manages to appear when needed the most. The community bands together to support those who need help most desperately.

My boyfriend’s friends all left the Philippines to support their families from overseas. They work sixty to eighty hours a week and see their families once a year if they’re lucky, but they manage to support about a dozen people each with their meager migrant labour incomes. And when somebody is hospitalized, the call for help goes around and somehow everybody’s bills get paid. Money may be tight, but nobody goes without. Those who don’t have food for dinner are welcome at other people’s houses. People who can’t afford a telephone can borrow from other people until they can get their own. I’ve never known one of those guys to go without a bottle of beer on his own birthday. Somehow, God provides. It’s not to our first-world standards, but these people trust in God and are happy. A friend of mine may have eaten pigs’ ears and rice for his birthday dinner, but he did it with a smile on his face.

God does provide. Those who live in real poverty know that as well. There will always be some who die, and that is tragic, but do not blame God for that.

WOAH MAN im 4 u, thats the fullness of truth

why r people so selfish? there r so many needy ones in this world

You don’t believe that God helps people?

we are not put here on earth to beg for god to help us

What are we here for?

Besides that is not what I asked, I asked if the poster believed God helped people.

its a test to see if we can get to heaven, not to make everyone feel sorry 4 us

So praying for help is making people feel sorry us? :confused:

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