where am i as a Catholic ?

I made my first communion. Was baptised when a baby. The last time I went to church to mass was in my elementary years I think. Last Sunday I went to mass with my 16 year old. Nephew who has never been to catechism or baptised. I’ve read about RCIA . Is this the right direction for both of us.? I’m. 53 and he is 16.

Yes, your nephew would need the RCIA process. Typically it lasts for 6-12 months and culminates with the individual receiving all 3 sacraments of initiation (baptism, 1st communion, & confirmation) at the Easter Vigil.

Your situation would depend upon what your local parish does. Many parishes lump together unbaptized persons with Catholic adults who only need confirmation and confirm them at the Easter Vigil. Some parishes have a separate adult religious education program for such adults and have them receive confirmation at a Mass other than the Easter Vigil. So you would need to contact your local parish to inquire what their process is for Catholic adults who only need the sacrament of confirmation.

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