Where American Lives Do Not Count


The third anniversary of American peace activist Rachel Corrie’s murder by a Caterpillar Bulldozer driver under the direction of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) arrives. Nearly three years to the day, our US government has failed to intervene or even censure Israel on behalf of her and her family. Our government has failed to investigate, follow-up or actively pursue justice for Corrie and other American citizens killed by Israeli military forces. Unfortunately, this lack of regard constitutes the norm, not the exception. If this sounds strange, that a nation would abandon its own for the vanity of another nation, stranger still is the truth. When it comes to Israel, American lives do not count.

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This site is just plain looney. One of it’s claims:

The Mossad in a attempt to sway world opinion in favor of Israel or provoke a armed reaction constantly stages events and blames Arabs. In this episode the Israelis use Mossad operative Arabs to hijack a crusie ship (Archille Lauro ) :whacky:


I don’t think I would trust anything they print.

I see anti-Semitism is still alive and well.


Site also has this heading:

A New World Order: Coming
USA & Papacy Behind it: Are you Ready for it? Learn Bible prophecy

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