Where are abortion rates the lowest?

I’ve heard conflicting reports. Some folks say it is areas that abortion is legal and provide comprehensive sex education- also passing out lots of contraception. Others say it is in areas that make abortion illegal and provide more sex education promoting just abstinence rather than contraception. Personally I don’t believe in covering up the problem(abortion) with a band-aid(condom/contraception) because it goes against the faith. So I guess what my question boils down to, is what is the most effective means of reducing abortion? Could I see statistics?

Of course they are conflicting. There are too many variables to determine. Not to mention people travel to other states to get abortions. Which confuses numbers even more.

Not to mention this is a very politcal and devisive issue that each side will skew numbers like crazy.

That being said, I think the lowest % of population abortion rate* in state* is Wyoming. Which is around .02%. New York being the worst at 40%.

The lowest from in/out of state by residents is Utah 6%, with California 33.5% being the highest.

The lowest countries in terms of worldwide percentage are Chile, Luxembourg, and Panama each with .02 %. The highest is Russia at 52%. The US is at 22.6%.

I also think that it should be mentioned:

The abortion statistics trend higher in total numbers, and percentage; in areas where there are very lax, or non-existing abortion laws.

For instance the 2 statistics I gave above mention California and New York being higher, which do not have any restrictions on abortions.

Utah and Wyoming have lower numbers and have some sort of parental consent requirement, parental notification requirement, etc. Although some of these can be bypassed through court, or medical emergency.

So I would say that making abortions illegal is not only statistically the way to go, it’s the moral way to go.

Sexual education is no answer as far as lowering abortion rates. New York is a good example. They have one of the most intense sexual education in the US–they practically force condoms on teenagers–but they also have one of the highest abortion rates. And this is based only on those who are residents of New York.

Another example is Great Britain, which has, again, intensive sexual education, a high abortion rate, and the highest teenage childbirth rate in Europe.

Western civilization has disintegrating families, divorce, casual sex, and a culture that sneers at chastity.

The only thing that will really change abortions is a return to morality and God.

God bless, Annem

Tell that to the Dutch.

Tell that to the Dutch.

Formerly Catholic countries, such as Spain and Italy, and even Holland (1/3 Catholic, or at least, once 1/3 Catholic) have a culture that still resists illegitimacy and abortion, to some degree, in spite the best efforts of the secular elite.

I would wonder how long it would last…except that Spain appears to be committing suicide. Not to mention Holland.

May God please help them, Annem

I’m sure that’s all terribly interesting but it doesn’t address the fact that the Dutch abortion rate is a fraction of that of the US (as is its teen pregnancy rate).

Very few abortions on the Island of Ireland, where even across an international border abortion is illegal.
However if a woman wants an abortion she can hop over to England and get one, so it’s hard to say.

Worldwide, abortion rates are lowest where it is illegal. Duh!

Abortion is illegal here in the Philippines although many abortions are still carried out illegally. The Government and many organisations, though, have education and information programs about abortion.


As I said about Ireland, the rates are often lowest because people can just go to a neighbouring country (for Ireland, it’s mainland UK) and have an abortion, so these stats aren’t accurate.

Some folks lie or skew statistics. Others don’t. :wink:

I’m curious if your claim about the Dutch includes RU-486 and similar early chemical abortions in their figures. Seems like smoke and mirrors if so. I don’t recall Holland having any significantly higher numbers of kids per couple, so that seems likely to me that they just use an abortion pill instead of surgical abortion.

Can you recall a source on that data?

You make an assertion, yet fail to prove it. While it is undoutabtly true that a few women head over to the UK to murder their children, I do not believe that you will be able to produce evidence that it since abortion beling Illegal in Ireland does not affect the number of murdered children. Additionally, the numbers of murdered pre-born children are very low in Central and South American countries where abortion is generally not permitted. We do not see women flocking to the USA or Canada to murder their children.

Yes! All I’m saying is that either way the evidence isn’t 100% reliable in relation to Ireland!
Obviously abortion rates are lowest where it is illegal. But it has to be illegal everywhere for optimal effect, obviously.
Also, in the places where it is illegal, the culture is strongly opposed to it. What needs to be done in the USA is a change of heart of the people, perhaps trying new tactics as any tactics since RvW haven’t been very successful.

yup, its fair simple to jump a plane across to the UK for a spot abortion, but Ireland still recieves statistics from clinics across the pond who treat patients who list Ireland as their adress so we recieve the numbers of citizens who do recieve abortions.
I dont know the stats, but i know that there has been a decrease in numbers in the last three years.
And we have a fairly all right sex ed programme which states the only safe sex is in a committed relationship i.e. mariage but does offer information om condoms etc

My comments were in the context of sex education and the low teen pregnancy rates in the Netherlands - of course the low figures will include contraception but your ‘smoke and mirrors’ observation would not explain things like a raised age of first sexual experience.

Certainly, one can ignore the success that the Dutch and others have had with their approach to sex education because it doesn’t follow an ‘abstinence’ model and that’s inconvenient, obviously, but it works.

Still waiting for a link to support the assertion of both low abortion an low live birth rates among teen girls in the Netherlands.

Kaninchen, your posts are usually quite reasoned and easy to follow, but you totally lost me this time. Up until now, we’ve been talking about abortion rates and their correlation with legal status. You made a claim that Dutch abortion rates were very low in spite of easy abortion availability.

I’m merely asking if RU-486 (and similar chemical abortions) were considered “abortion” in your statistical source or “contraceptives.” If Dutch women simply abort with a pill instead of a scalpal, I’m not all that impressed. I’m not sure what sex educational philosophy has to do with it at all.

We’re just a great country, eh? :wink:

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