Where are all those tender-hearted Human Rights’ fighters?

Where are all those tender-hearted Human Rights’ fighters? Why do you keep silence, all of you, ladies and gentlemen who likes going at the back of beyond feeding starved African children or presenting glass beads to ‘savages’? You are ready to go so far if someone seems to be oppressed. Why won’t you establish order right under your very nose?
You’ve got so many problem regions just at hand. It is Georgia for example. Do you know that there are about two hundred of Georgian soldiers have been jailed out of any court since the end of 2008 up till now? Those people refused raise their weapons on their Ossetian brothers during that nasty military conflict in August 2008. That was a really brave patriotic gesture for that war was most shameful for Georgia. And those soldiers had been announced deserters and cowards. They are kept jailed without legitimate criminal investigations and court decisions for more than one and the half years. Their families are deprived any rights and benefits as families of traitors.
Those people have neither democratic freedoms nor any hope for obtaining justice. And you’ve grown fussy extemporizing problems somewhere in the far away parts of the world. And those soldiers have got old mothers and little children. And they are starving as well as African ones. Presuming that human rights funds disregard such flagrant lack of justice, I conclude that their activities are mere engage!

Is it too late to prosecute Union soldiers who fired on Confederates and incarcerated them in that death camp in Chicago?

3 questions
where is the news link required by this forum to a recent legitimate news story?
if it happened in 2008 it is now history, not current events

who is “you”? are you talking to me, bub? because I am not in Georgia, and I doubt most of us here have any influence in the former USSR so who precisely are you addressing?

have you considered discussing your issue on the social justice forum?

Wrong Georgia.


While Georgia isn’t “at hand” to most of us, who live in North America, you bring up a valid concern. I’ll pray for those soldiers. I can’t think of anything much else I can do, really. Do you have a suggestion?

I know what you’re saying, but I didn’t mean that.

There’s a secessionary movement somewhere and some secessionists get shot and/or go to jail, and we’re supposed to automatically condemn the non-secesh? I’ll grant I was being a bit flippant.

i don’t know about them Let me fight for rights if i feel like it today and my golf game is delayed ] but i’m one that gives them hell about Abortion. Abortion is plain out right killing of young children to me ! i cry everytime i hear of just one abortion taking place !

:We do worry too much about the African people who don’t know how to just say no till you can get a job to earn money to get married and have children. these people want sex now and let the world feed us and them , too and don’t have any convictions as to just say no till it is time. confused:

Anybody who votes for a congressman or congresswomen that supports Abortion is just as bad as they are in killing those babys ! God help them if they do that and think the LORD is not watching them !

An undoubted shoo in for one of the the top contenders of most ill though out post of the day. Along with the OP. Which as pointed out has no news article in it as per rules and shouldn’t even be in this section.

It doesn’t get any less silly for been repeated. Your points about abortion we’d mostly agree on but I couldn’t vote for anyone in America as I’m not an American citizen and don’t live there.

I find the OP bizarre and part of yours equally so. There’s no link to a current news story. How much the average poster here knows about Georgia I don’t know. I know some of the logic behind the conflict but I wouldn’t claim to be that massively well informed on it.

SO You think i should stand by and let those babys get butched and not say a word about it ! this is the reason Abortion is going so big that everybody who speaks out about the killing of the babys. then we have a Very bright person who has his 2 cents worth and throws Bannas pealing in his way so they can have a bright ideal about the problem the O(.P. and the poster has and not wanting to address the problem of all those babys being killed by the millions.

If the government was pulling off the street every year about a million people and shooting them because they was too many people on his or her street to his liking. When they come to your street and your family is the target of this killing. I guess you would not say a word and let them kill your family off because it would not be proper to say anything because it would make some people upset to hear about it !

Guess what, your hearing about it here ! the Government will do anything they want if you keep your mouth shout and not say anything about it ! Oh Yea, here is a Book [BIBLEDRB][/BIBLEDRB] the Bible ] that will tell you it is not right in anyway to do it !

Sorry to step on your toes,but if it would stop one abortion, I would stomp anybody head in to stop the killing ! i am not above the law,but I will run to ,the edge of it to stop the Abortions taking place in this country ! there has been 100’s of abortion took place in the time they are no more anymore which it took the time to write these posts ! I just wonder what their names would be or does it matter to anybody ?

there is 1 to 2 years to adopt a white child and other races there is no time at all ! There is 100’s of thousands of couples waiting for a child and we kill them by abortion because it might up the mother in her social life for 9 months !

Abortion is lillegal in my country.

Secondly the thread was not about abortion. It was about the situation in Georgia and Ossettia. As my family are mixed Irish and Russian i know a littlbe bit more about that than the average but I’d hesistate to comment on it as I don’t know enough to make an informed comment.

Thirdly talking about using physical violence to stop abortion is forbidden here.

Fourthly. This thread is essentially pointless and I’m silly to contribute to it because it breaks forum rules left right and centre and some of the directions your posts are moving in are dubious.

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