Where are the Bible Scholars/Greek Speakers here?


Oi! I survived going to my parent’s church today!!! (This is what my mom wanted for Mother’s Day, and, since it’s free . . . alright.) Well, I didn’t bring my NAB because excessive use has it in dissaray, so, I brought my DR-C Bible and, besides when the minister gave communion him stating “This represents…”:rolleyes: :frowning: , I noticed him saying that there are three forms of love in Greek, “Eros”, “Philea/o”, and “Agape”. …Isn’t caritas also Greek, or, is it Latin? I noticed in two places he quoted agape, the DR-C (which, I know is faulty because it’s a translation of a translation) translates “love” as “charity”. My dad & I are now in a…thing…about which is right. I don’t mind swallowing my pride and saying he’s right, but, of course, I want to first know.

The verses in question (all from today, the charity ones marked, *)

Galations 5:22-3*
John 3:16
Luke 6:27
John 13:34-35
Matthew 22:37-39
1 John 3:16, 18, 23*

Also, while we are at it, if you all would please be so kind, when, in John 6 (EVERYbody’s favourite :wink: ) is the Greek word “to gnaw”? My dad has this VERY literal translation of the New Testament and, though I showed him in 1 John 3:16 that it is a work involved love, John 6 was still translated “To eat”…am I confusing languages here as well?

Thank you GREATLY to all who relply!!


I’m no scholar but I have access to a Greek New Testament…


[quote=Todd Easton]I’m no scholar but I have access to a Greek New Testament…


I thank you greatly, Mr. Easton. I JUST was able to check the Latin Vulgate online & I noticed “caritas”. Bugger. :frowning: Ah well. This is good to know, and I thank you for ALL your help. :smiley: Thank you & God bless you & Mary keep you!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


You are welcome. I am glad to be of service.


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