Where are the long, fashionable "tunic tops?"


Islamic clothing websites are your best bet.

Try this one or try this for even more links.


I also like longer, tunic-length tops, and it is possible to find them, although it can take a lot of looking (I am no fan of the everything-short-and-tight fad, and wish that trend would just die already. The clothing manufacturers can’t fool me with the term “body-conscious” – I recognize “short and tight” when I see it!)

I have three button-front sweater vests I got at Walmart – they are quite long, and go nicely over a turtleneck (still cold here; I’m not thinking about summer clothes. :smiley: )

I also have two cardigan sweaters that are technically, “sweater coats” – very long sweaters to be worn over other tops (these are from WalMart, too).

Maybe these garments aren’t the most fashionable, but hey, at my age, I’m not trying to impress anybody. :smiley:

Check out the Lands End web site or catalog; they often have more relaxed fit tunic length tops.

When I do find something suitable, I’ll generally buy a few of them, in different colors, because I never know how long it will be before they show up again. :slight_smile: (I still remember a two-year period of time when practically everything in the local department store’s Missy section was either muddy orange or puke green, or both, and all the skirts were mini-skirts, so when I find something nice, I’ll buy a few extra to tide me over the next wave of nasuea-inducing fashion).

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H&M and New York and Company. I have one from both stores. :slight_smile:


This season the longer length tops are in - thanks goodness!
I’d say just buy up big this season!

In previous years my sister and I got around the problem by wearing “bum-crack hiders”. They were basically wide fabric belts that we wore under tops over the top of our jeans. It gives the appearance of wearing a long tank-top under your shirt without the bulkiness of wearing one. They sold them at a small boutique my sister worked for that sold lots of very tiny tops, so the owner started making these little items for the girls that didn’t wanna flash the world. They would be very easy to make though.


Google “kurtas”

Those are long Indian shirts.


I really like the fashion and I think you would look marvelous in them darling…I do think that they look a bit like the Priest’s robe in mini form. What is wrong with a jacket over a blouse or shell? Coldwater Creek has an annual sale and everything on the site is 50% off. :thumbsup:


Using your reasoning, should men switch to dresses so their trousers won’t draw others’ eyes to their private parts?

Seriously, go to www.qvc.com and look at some of the clothes they sell, especially Denim & Company. They’re primarly targeted at…ahem…larger women (though their clothes come in all sizes up to 3X) and they have a lot of tunics, long shirts., etc.


I we’re (women) worried about wearing slacks because men might be staring at our “private parts”, then I suggest we dress like the Muslim women.

No worry there. :eek:


[quote=MercedesBents]Using your reasoning, should men switch to dresses so their trousers won’t draw others’ eyes to their private parts?

Again, I’d prefer that this discussion not be about what people should * do. I’ll just say that people who hold the personal preferences or convictions* mentioned in my first post, also tend to believe that men are far more easily “visually stimulated” than women. I hope you’ll be willing to take any further questions to another thread. :slight_smile:

[quote=MercedesBents]Seriously, go to www.qvc.com and look at some of the clothes they sell, especially Denim & Company. They’re primarly targeted at…ahem…larger women (though their clothes come in all sizes up to 3X) and they have a lot of tunics, long shirts., etc.

Thanks for the suggestion. As with most of the stores that have been mentioned above, it looks like the vast majority of their “tunics” are 28" - 30" long, which is only a couple of inches longer than a regular shirt. The longer ones are mostly dry-clean-only, and generally not my style.

After much investigation, I’ve more-or-less concluded that the easiest solutions are:

  1. Wearing Indian, African, or other “ethnic” clothing.

  2. Wearing a mini-dress with pants underneath, and calling it a “tunic.”

Option #2 seems to be a bona fide trend – probably originating with grass-roots women who have had it with underwear-baring dress styles. For instance, check out the customer comments on this short black shirtdress from Target. My favorite:

As one might say in my country (why, Texas of course), “It ain’t a dress, ya’ll, and I don’t care WHAT dem New York City markaTEERS call it!”



MaryCeleste…I’m at a loss. I’ll admit I don’t understand why you feel the way you do about women’s slacks.

Personally, I’m more concerned about hiding my protruding stomach and rear end with a tunic top. In those terms, I won’t leave home without adequate coverage.


I read somewhere that someone – a pope, perhaps? – thought women shouldn’t wear pants because it would make them “forget that they are women”.

HA! As if we could…or would want to. I’m perfectly happy being a woman and the clothing I wear doesn’t make a particle of difference in reminding me which sex I am. Everytime my husband smiles at me, it makes me glad to be a woman.


Omigosh!! Those are absolutely gorgeous!! I would be happy wearing them around anybody!!
They look really comfy, too…


I forgot about my favorite designer on hsn.com. You can look under fashions and find Anthony Designs. He has S-3x but his clothes are generously cut so check the size charts for actual measurements. He always has some cover the rump tops that have cute details like fluttery hems or ruffles or just pretty fabrics. I’ve provided a link to his “tops” not just tunics, but also check out his caftans which range in length from rump covering to ankle length.



My daughter started doing this a couple of years ago (wearing short dresses and skirts over her pants). She’s self conscious about her derriere. (she inherited my bubble butt :o ) Now she’s really into these long skirts. I certainly like that trend! :thumbsup:

Great Thread. Lots of great ideas and links!! :slight_smile:


I am jumping in on this and maybe it was already mentioned but i sew when i can but lately fabric has become very expensive. So a few years ago now I started going to thift stores and I now have a very nice modest and very tastful wardrobe. I purchased the longer skirts only and wear them with what were the loose mini dresses. Some were longer tops. For example Kathie Lee’s velvet tops that come to just below or at my mid thigh with a nice longer skit to match. If it had a low cut then a nice silk blouse under to complete the out fit. I mix and match suit jackets for the more buisness look with a longer fuller skirt and blouse. I have found beautiful and well kept jumpers by eddie bauer, lands end etc. I tend to stay on the very femine look in my choice. The prices are amazing. I can not sew for the same price.

I use to be with the mennonite church but when converted to the orthodox church, and it was not the old believers, i had a hard time. My priest said it was not really fair to the mennonites to continue to wear their form of dress being so distinqutive if i did not profess their religion any more. Being low in funds the thrift stores gave me the ability, and still do, to have quality cloths that reflected my conviction to be modest. The fact that I am wearing the cloths out of style and matched differently then originally intended to wear i also do not feel i am promoting the fashion treadmill. I also retained my head covering and can find very nice scarves that I can wear every day and for Divine services. My self and my daughters have stayed with black shoes and stockings and kept our long hair. Even though I am no longer “plain dress” I have people approach us and ask are we Christians. I am pleased to say yes and extend to them any further conversation on my faith. I am pleased I have found a way to show other woman how to be Christian and modest and not be mistaken for some other group.

  Just wanted to share my solution.


I’m not a “large” woman, but I love long and flowing clothes. I bought some adorable longer T-shirts with a lace bottom the other day at a Lane Bryant. Check it out. They’re long enough to cover the bottom but still adorable, and they have a cute lace bottom and capped sleeves, and come in a variety of colors. I say if you’re not comfortable, what’s the point? None to me anyway. I love comfortable and feminine clothes, and they needn’t be tight to be such. Also I love the store “April Cornell”. Has anyone seen or been in it? It’s fabulous. They have THE cutest and most feminine clothes ever!!!


I’ve lived all winter in these long sleeved tunic tee’s from Land’s End (they are sized big though so you may want to go down a size…Sears has sold them in the past…they have short sleeved versions, too…this year’s style looks like it doesn’t quite cover your backside, though.)

Long Sleeve


Short Sleeve


You can do a search for a few other tunics they offer, too.


I just got a Roaman’s catalog in the mail yesterday, & it is full of beautiful long tunics & kurtas, starting at size 12. (A size that I will :stuck_out_tongue: never see again, but some others might not realize is included in what is thought of as a “plus size” source).


You could also try ebay or freecycle.org. They may be hit and miss, but you could possibly come up with something.


**What about a “tall” shop for women? Sometimes I will go there for tops (I have a long torso), or the maternity section? Maternity clothes have become very stylish as of late, and you could always have some darts put in. Better than sewing your own and full tailoring of your clothes.

My area has a large community of Islamic and Indian peoples, and some of the styles are really very nice.**

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