Where are the new TLM masses?

Now that we have the Motu Proprio, what additional churches (especially in the Chicago area) are going to have Tridentine masses? I already know about the current ones.

At least as of now (according to the Office for Worship) there have been no requests for additional latin masses in Chicago. There a a number of places it is being celebrated at now, so I don’t think a whole lot more will be added. In fact the number of places celebrating the latin mass in Chicago has shrunk since the initial permission was given by Pope John Paul II. Time will tell if additional masses will be needed.

Doesn’t Motu Proprio not take effect until Sept 14th?

I know that the OP asked for the TLM in the Chicago area, but I thought that I should pass along that my church, St. Paul the Apostle in Pismo Beach, CA, will have the TLM very soon, possible within the month. Once I know the date, I will pass it along.

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