Where are the readings for the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

My liturgical calendar indicates that on Friday, June 19, we celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I have the New St. Joseph Weekly Missal Volumes I and II, and also the New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal. I have no problem finding the proper reading for each day, but I cannot find the readings for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The calendar does give the readings, but that would involve looking them up in the Bible, which is awkward at Mass.

Since the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a moveable feast, it likely is placed in a separate section of your missal under feast days. Check the table of contents in your missals. While missals are nice, and some might argue are environmentally-friendly (since they can be used for years), I like the magazine Magnificat because it includes all of the weekday, Sunday, and feast day readings for one month – along with additional prayers, meditations, articles, and the order of the Mass – all in one pocket-sized monthly booklet.

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