Where are they?


Where oh where are all the good single Catholic men (older than 30)?


**Probably sitting at home wondering where oh where all of the good single (over 30) Catholic women are:D You need to find a way to meet:thumbsup:

I know of several couples right here at CAF who have had great luck using Ave Maria singles…


They’re at (daily) Mass, teaching CCD, at the Sacred Heart Festival, adoration, pro-life meetings, on the CAF, Catholic family conferences, etc.

Isn’t it interesting. I am not trying to find a good single Catholic man, but I know a handful of them. A few of them over 30 (and handsome to boot.) But I can’t do any match making until I’m asked.:whistle: :ehh:


Where abouts do you live lots2learn? I am pretty active in my parish and know a lot of people there. The only single man I know is a divorced man who has not yet gotten his annullment. Too bad because he is a great guy. Dont’ really see any other single men there other than occasionally. I am trying to make more effort to get “out there” more as to open the door to more opportunities. Just trying to figure where “out there” is.


I’ll ask that in another way:
Where are the Catholics over 30 (males & females) whom still virgins.


Please don’t hijack this thread. I do not care about a person’s past, just about who they are now. It is very judgemental to not give someone a chance because of choices they made in their past. I just want to know where I can find a nice, normal, Catholic man who is older than 30. I don’t see many at church, where I volunteer, where I work or within my group of friends. So I am trying to go to those places where opportunties may arise.


In seven and a half years I will most likely be a single Catholic man in his 30’s and still a virgin, but I think I live in a different country to you anyway. I guess I should not rule out the possibility that I die before 30 either, but that’s almost as unlikely as me getting married.


I met my nice, normal, devout, over 30 (uh… over 40 actually) Catholic husband on Ave Maria Singles.


Studying for the Priesthood?
(but I liked the 3rd post too, the one posted by Lots2learn)


Washington, DC has a huge population of single Catholics of all ages. You should come and visit…


So azgirl, just sing this to Lots2Learn
:harp: “Match-maker, match-maker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch…” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m in the :heart:land. :smiley: From what I can tell, there isn’t a huge Catholic population here, but I’ve only been a practicing Catholic for a few years so I could be wrong. I don’t think it’s a fluke though, that there are several single men here. Don’t get me wrong there aren’t THAT many, just a handful.

Are you attending events in other parishes, or dioceses? There is a nice size Catholic family conference in the Wichita diocese and they have (I’ve heard) a nice get together for single adults the first night…I guess so they can mingle and hang out throughout the conference.

allhers: Awww, I love being sung to.


Why do you say that? Just not having any luck, or are you planning a different vocation than marriage? I didn’t meet my husband until I was 25, married at 27. You’re still a baby!


Ditto on that. I’m not single and not looking, and particularly not looking for a man, but Northern Virginia in particular has a huge group of Catholics.

Incidentally, here’s part of the problem: I suspect that a lot of guys are like me–they were sloppy, moral retards until a good woman came along and cleaned them up. They didn’t become good Catholic men until AFTER they’d been snagged. This information probably isn’t that helpful, though, because the last thing you want to do is look for “projects.”


If you find them let me know where they are. I know a few but they aren’t interested in me…they’ve made that clear…:rolleyes: I’m only attractive to players, non commitment types and jerks therefore since I’m well over 35 but not quite 40 I’ve decided to call it a day and give in. If some guy wants me he’s going to have to be pretty proactive or put in some work I’m just sick of the whole dating thing. I can take myself out on dates …without having to deal with the attitude, drama and emotional junk. As much as I would like a family and all that I want to keep my sanity too. The guys I constantly run into drive me up the wall with their selfish behavior. What ever happened to a guy chasing a gal or at least putting in some effort. I guess I’m just 40 years behind the times in my thinking. :mad:


Just from looking at my life I don’t think marriage is what I’m headed for. I’m hardly even looking any more. Partly because I don’t feel ‘good enough’ for another person to enter into a relationship with me. Got some issues like severe lack of motivation in work/study/etc so I got no idea what my future is gonna be like from here, don’t want to drag someone else into the unknown darkness along with me. I don’t have the temperament for a relationship either, I’m anti social to the point of not having anything to say even when hanging out with my closest mates, and half the time I’m happier to be alone anyway. I think it is for the best that I stay single.


Where are all the good Catholic girls under 30? This is supposedly the state with the most Catholics.


ME! ME! ME! oh wait wrong state.


Come to houston and i will set you up with some nice older men. I seem to have a good group of 35+ never married devot catholic men. I would date them myelf but i am in that “friend but not the girl-friend” category. Sigh whats a single girl to do??:shrug:


Well remember you’re still young and things could change. I think it’s very difficult to be in your twenties these days. I am going to say I think it’s even harder than being a teenager.

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