Where are you God?

I love the songs of praise in “christian fellowships”,and have brothers and sisters and cousins in christian fellowship churches. There are some who sing as angels and I enjoy it all, I melt away with it,… do you feel it there?

**I thought about it and realised that for me in the quietness of peace and stillness, I heard God speaking to me, I heard the birds sharing their song to God, the crickets were happily rubbing their wings in the choire, the trees swung to and fro in the mood of the beat, all a gift from God.

It is in the heat and noise of the machines that mankind forgets the Lord above. The beat of machinary has only one music, that of building concerns and empires for one man while others live under the fringes of fate.

In the church I live in, the “catholic church” where there is the presence of the lamb of God, the stillness of the spirit of peace my heart longs for the quiet that not even night can bring, for night brings quiet of man made humms turned off or down, where ase in the Cathlic church in front of the tabinacle in the presence of true peace and quiet I found a true love in the real presence of God.
And there will I stay taking it all in, to give to those who have not found it, in a smile, a word of joy, a word of encouragement no machine could ever give that for it is the spirit of God in a man that tends to the needs of the saddened spirit of another brother or sister in need.**

Where is God? I found Him in my heart of hearts. In the peace and quiet of the tabinacle, where I place my heart for Him to enjoy.

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