Where are you on the global fat scale?

Click on the link and you can enter your height, weight, gender, and age and find out how you stack up compared to the world and to others in your country. It says I’m most like someone from the Central African Republic.


I was told that I’m like someone from Micronesia :confused:

But since I had my stroke 10 years ago I am barely able to walk let alone exercise :frowning:

Except for when I’m pregnant, I’m a pretty consistent Eritrea. That country must be new; I’ve never heard of it! :smiley:

Is that like amnesia, on a microscopic level?

I’m from Slovenia. :cool:

I’m a nice plump Maltan. At least it wasn’t Samoa! :smiley:

Austria? Really? Ok, then

I’m a Jamaican apparently.

A lower BMI than 79% of people of men my age in the UK, but a higher BMI than 53% of men in the world.

I can live with that.

Eritrea is a very ancient African nation. In fact the earliest humans originated from the region of the horn or Africa where Eritrea is.

If you’re described as an Eritrean, I presume you are tall and slim.

With all due respect, I would rather not know. :frowning: I am trying to lose weight.

That link just leads me to an article, not the actual calculator.

Right between Cambodia and Rwanda. Quite interesting. I wonder if any statistical analysis has been done. Is it the cultural food choices? Weather? Prosperity? Geography? Fascinating stuff.

I was 91% skinnier than women of my age in America and I am not thin (in fact it’s resolution time and I was in spin class early this morning!) What’s scary is the obesity crisis in this country. I heard a doc saying that Type II diabetes has increased TEN THOUSAND PERCENT over a relatively short period of time.

Not sure if other fluffy folks countries have that same issue.


I am Vietnam

We have an obesity crisis here in the UK as well, but in the USA you are well ahead of us in that. But considering the HUGE portion sizes of food in your country, it’s not a surprise really.

I think that there ought to be a ban on advertising of fast food and soft drinks (there is a ban in the UK on tobacco advertising on health grounds) so I don’'t see why fast food, fizzy drinks should be treated any differently. And refuse planning permission for a fast-food restaurant or takeaway if there is another fast food outlet within a mile. This is a serious health problem and it is killing people, something needs to be done to curtail it.


It says I am most like someone from China…which is strange. I would consider myself tall and somewhat athletic and most women in china are very petite.

I scored Mali 93rd percentile-just above North Korea. If I round my height up to 6’ 2", I get Ethiopia. I am taking a break for a candy bar with absolutely no guilt.

I am most like someone from East Timor.

I’m like someone from Tonga. :frowning:

(No suprise that the USA is 6th fattest country in the world)

I am like someone from United States :D!

I need to start eating more broccoli, New Year resolutions list edited.

They’re just basing it on BMI. Your height is only relevant in comparison to your weight in this survey.

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