Where Can a Catholic Work?

Help. I am struggling. I work at a company in a department with much turmoil. I would like to say it’s due to one bad apple, but it’s not that. I’m overwhelmed with my co-workers’ lack of team work. Some people say it’s the supervisor’s fault. I don’t have anything bad to say about him. I do notice that some people, actually one person in particular named Darrell, though I could be wrong, refuses to acknowledge a certain part of the work load which he used to be a part of. I am afraid to ask him why he no longer helps in that particular area. He also seems to shun people especially me and the other co-worker, David, whom also is Catholic. I try to be friendly and try to get Darrell to speak, but he answers with “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know” or “maybe.” The tension is so strong because it is clearly affecting me and my Catholic co-worker. Not only that, but most of the co-workers in this department are disrespecting our supervisor. I know that Darrell has always wanted to be elevated to supervisory level especially since now a new position title was created within the company called Team Leader. The only people in this department whom have a college degree are my Catholic co-worker and myself. David confides in me, and has told me in the past that Darrell told him, that if Darrell ever becomes a supervisor, he would let David go. Why are people so competitive? I have a degree and work as a File Clerk because that is what is available to me right now, and besides, I really enjoy doing this and I really like my supervisor! I have lost one job due to restructuring, another job due to the company folding, another job due to layoff, another job due to the position being eliminated, another job due to outsourcing, another job because I was late 3 times to work, (my fault), and now I am here at a mortgage services company. Something is happening to me these days. I get to work, and as soon as I step into the file room, I am OVERWHELMED with feelings of anger or sadness to the point I have to excuse myself to go to the lady’s room and cry. This economy is awful, but I am willing to be, as they call it, “under employed” for the sake of being employed. As I am doing my work, I say softly the words, “Jesus have mercy on me”. I have even said a prayer to bind Satan during my lunch time when everyone was gone except me, but I am still really stressed out!:bighanky:

I think that you are over-qualified for the job. Someone with a college degree who is trying to either secure a job that is for those without a degree are bound to run into trouble with the other employees, no matter what your Faith is. The boss may ask you about yourself. If you have an interview with him or her, use that time to request a better position and you may get a direct answer to that. Do not try to force yourself to be on an equal footing with those who are simply struggling. You could hide your educational level, if you like; but, you will still see what may seem to you as pettiness of those who are simply not as smart as you, probably. When you look for a better job, think well of yourself, and give a good amount when asked for salary requirements! The boss if he or she is available should be made aware of the times when you are innocent, if there is back-biting. Often there are situations whereby you can be of help, if there is some abuse of employees in the business. Pray about it and God may give you an answer, or it may be rather blatant. Also, use it or lose it, with respect to education, I think. You will always have your wisdom and, perhaps your talents, but, the experience garnered and added to the knowledge that you learned, is important.

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