Where Can I buy a Mantilla for My Wife and Daughter

Hi…we’re attending Latin Mass this Sunday…and I live in the San Diego area. Any ideas where I can find mantillas locally or even online?


I do not know if they would be acceptable, but I have seen many beautiful ones, some antique, on eBay in the past.

Thanks…I found a store here in San Diego and am going to pick one up! Thanks again!

I know you found one, but this would be a good excuse to visit our Spanish speaking neighbors to the south. They usually have a better selection of Catholic goodies such as Mantillas and at great prices.

Tijuana is kinda dirty but it is a nice adventure and the Churches usually are much more beautiful than the ones we have. They haven’t been wreckovated.

I love to visit Mexico and shop at the little Catholic stores.

God Bless


I bought the Spanish Essence veil from this website for my wife, very nice quality.

Here are some companies:

Immaculate Heart Mantillas
Halo Works

I get mine from Halo Works. com

All of the websites are wonderful, but I found some really beautiful ones at thrift stores. Most people think they are doilies:rolleyes: , but they aren’t. Also check out estate sales. You can also ask other veil wearers at the mass. They would know the best for your area.

I second the suggestion of eBay. I have a saved search that I look at several times a week.

If you would like to do this, your search term would be “mantilla.” Then you can customize it by eliminating terms that will bring up things you don’t want, like china, baseball cards, dolls, etc. Some words to subtract include: baseball, card, doll, barbie, josephina, josefina, felix, ray, bride, bridal, wedding, comb, combs, china, plate, cup, saucer.

I’ve bought a couple of them, and one is more gorgeous than the next. Now, if I just had the nerve to wear one…


you may be better off letting your wife buy herself (and your daughter) the mantillas. just a thought…

I bought mine on eBay. I put “mantilla” in the search box and there they were. I also have a long oblong lacy scarf which I bought at K-Mart, and I actually prefer that to the mantilla because I can tie it around my hair and it stays put.

Happy shopping! :slight_smile:

I think it nice and appropriate that he wishes to buy his wife and daughter a mantilla.

Have you found a place to purchase beautiful Mantillas??

I ordered mine from here:


There is a nice selection, and affordable.


i found a website that you might be interested in:


they are located in san diego.

Great advise here. I’ve bought several for my wife and a friend of ours. They both were them at both TLM’s and NO Masses. we have a small section of trads that tend to sit together. It sort gives the ladies the courage to stand up for tradition.

By the way, the mantilla is a Spanish/latina thing. I believe in the “old country” almost any proper head covering would be appropriate. some trad women wear a hat or decorative scarf.

I’m sure Weepixie would have most of the correct information.

Personally, I really like to see the women and young girls wearing a head covering.

You can always use a Kleenex and a bobby pin in a pinch.

The Kleenex/pin option would also probably be a good opition for those (no, I did not say “all” or even “most”) who wear their mantillas as prideful crowns.

My but we’re judgemental, aren’t we? If you don’t like them, then don’t wear them. Or, if you’re a male, why does it bother you? Those who wear them, in my experience, do so without vanity. It is not for the benefit of others that they wear them. It is in respect for Our Lord, and because they are mindful of being in His Presence. I’m a middle-aged woman who sure as heck has nothing to be vain about - and the prettiest mantillas/hats/scarves in the world won’t make me look alluring! However, I do it out of respect for Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. It’s my choice. I don’t tell anybody else they have to.

I will never understand why it bothers some people so much! I I simply don’t understand why something as simple as “Where can I get mantillas for my wife and daughter” should turn into a debate.


Wearing my Spanish Mantilla makes me feel both respectful and beautifully feminine. There is no contradiction. I am looking for another one as I type. Thank you Dear Lord for B16.

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