Where can I buy candle holders?

I have a number of candles but don’t have candle holders. Does anyone know where I can buy the candle holders. Some candles are short but wider than the tapered ones. I guess they are votive candles but I need both holders.


Stores that sell candles will also sell candle holders. The votive holders are very inexpensive. Do you have dollar stores where you live?


Thrift stores are also great for this. I picked up some at a Goodwill, and the Evangelical Christian thrift near my home has a large selection of both candles and holders.


Not sure it’s still around these days. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

Goodwill? I guess they are used? Thift stores I’ll have to check out. Thanks.

Candle holders…depends the type you want. I like candles, especially the t kind. I had to go light a candle…I like candle holders that are safe…meaning they have a top that contain the candle…and I like the antique kind of holders…prefer Westmoreland holders that you can find on Ebay. They have frosted glass and look nice with a lighted candle inside…

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Amazon. Walmart. Dollar store.

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Pier One, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart, Target, dollar Tree, Amazon

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Dollar Tree

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