Where can I buy this?

I absolutely love this image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and our beloved Pope John Paul II!!!

I friend of mine has this framed image, I’m not sure if it’s an actual painting or only an image, she told me she purchased it a long time ago and couldn’t remember where she got it:(.

I really want this image to hang in my house, can someone tell me where I might find it? I did a google search in English with no luck, when I did it in Spanish the image finally came up…please help me find where I can buy it, thanks so much!!!

I couldn’t find the image, but I did find a statue with the same theme. I found it at www.rosescapular.com/images/popeolg.jpg. As far as getting a painting or an image to hang on the wall-with today’s technology and computers it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone with the knowledge and wherewithall to make one for you. I hope this helps.

I think Leaflet Missal Company sells it in the form of a prayer card. If they don’t have a larger size, they might know where you can purchase one. —KCT

They have something similar(Mary embracing Pope JPII)…but it’s not OL of Guadalupe its Our Lady of Czestochowa - Patroness of Poland. It’s also a beautiful image.

oops! Sorry :slight_smile:

Look at this…leafletonline.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_386&products_id=256

We have a large one in our Parish Hall… I will ask where it came from.

Thank you so much…I would appreciate it greatly:thumbsup:!!!

Here’s a hand-painted metal image of the picture you want for sale. About $100 US.


Just found an English link:

The painting in the Parish hall was a gift to a former Priest by a family in the Parish, and was purchased in Mexico. It was large, and he chose to leave it as a gift to the Parish when he was transferred.

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