Where can I download the RSV Bible from?

Is there any (legal) link from where I can download the entire RSV Bible (free of cost)?

NRSV will also do.


Try this link, I use it as a look up, don’t know if there is a download.

Not free.
You can get the NRSV for Microsoft Reader for ~20 bucks here.

Related Question - Why no Impramatur (I think that’s spelled right) on my Ignatius RSV - CE? There’s no Nil Obstat either?

I know the RSV - CE is essentially a Catholic version of a non-catholic bible, but I thought the CE would have an Impramatur and the nil Obstat…

You can get the RSV here also. Although a Protestant site, it includes the Deuterocanon under the label “Apocrypha.”

Don’t forget this one:


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