Where can I find any of the writing of St. Lawrence Justinian?

I’ve looked through Google, the books section thereof, putting in his name in English and Italian (Lorenzo Giustiniani). I did see something that I think was a collection of his writings in Italian. Anyone got anything in English? Maybe Latin?

He apparently is a very wise writer on humility and obedience - virtues I have not cultivated well. This, and I would like to see what he’s written to know his character.

Try to find them here:

Saints Books by Alphabetical Order:

Free Catholic Books

Saints’ Books

Saints quotes

I hope it helps.

Can you read French?

Here is [one book]("https://archive.org/download/delincendiedudiv00lawr/delincendiedudiv00lawr.pdf ") by him

No, I can’t read French. Though I might be able to translate it with Google Translate…

But I CAN search archive.org. Thank you for that link! I didn’t think to check the Internet Archive! And I found this…


It’s in Latin, written in an obsolete character set, with ßs and I think Ƈs in them. I cannot read Latin, and Google Translate isn’t very good with Latin as yet. I wonder if anyone else can comprehend it? I’ll keep it up in case anyone who can read Latin might profit from it.

EDIT: I checked Amazon, too. There are a few books - in French, Italian, Spanish. But none in English. I am sad. :frowning:

Hey, check this out: play.google.com/books/reader?id=H43hRqLrNXwC&printsec=frontcover&output=reader&hl=en&pg=GBS.PP1

That’s the book you gave me. But it’s much easier to copy the text of it and translate it on the spot. And the French translates really well most of the time. :slight_smile:

Ah, well. May as well stick with Bl. Thomas a Kempis for now; at least the Imitation of Christ is in English. :o

Have you checked out Saints’ Books? You might find other interesting writings of the saints if not St Lawrence Justinian.

I also want to read St Don’t Bosco’s writings and St Mary Margaret Alacoques’. They are only available in Italian and French. I don’t understand except a few words.

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