Where can I find critical reflections on "Statements of Faith"?

A local group sponsors an afterschool program that introduces primary and intermediate grade students to bible stories and Christ. They require signing on to a “Statement of Faith” based on this one nae.net/index.cfm?FUSEACTION=nae.statement_of_faith

As a Catholic priest and pastor I have serious concerns about participation in this group based on this requirement. I would like to see both some evangelical reflections on the language in the statement and Catholic commentary.

A search on “Statement of Faith” does not bring up anything obviously helpful.

Thank you for your assistance.

Dear Father,

I just looked at the National Association of Evangelicals’ statement of faith. It professes a belief in the Bible as the ONLY infallible authoritative Word of God. We part company right there!

In other words, they have no means of interpreting Scripture other than Scripture itself. This is why there are thousands of denominations, all insisting on their own interpretation as correct.

This should be enough for Catholic parents to steer their children away from such influence. Thank God for the Magisterium of the Catholic Church! Each of us does not have to become his own Pope. See: catholic.com/library/Scripture_and_Tradition.asp

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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