Where can I find good RCIA Materials?

I am not comfortable using our existing parish materials for RCIA, a large loose leaf binder entitled “Come and See,” and available through Americancatholics.org (St. Anthony Messenger Press). Do you have a suggestion for a short, book length study guide, such as Karl Keating’s “52 Questions” that would serve for RCIA?

Alternative RCIA materials:

Exploring the Catholic Church
By Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio:
(Unsure if it includes study questions----I recommend you read the customer reviews on Amazon.com—it’s an excellent book).

Papacy and Papacy Evangelization Booklet

Meeting Mary Our Mother in Faith Evangelization Guide

Jesus the Catechism and Me

Other considerations:

RCIA videos and study guides by Scott Hahn

Additional RCIA products by Marcellino De’Ambrosio

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