Where can I find info on how to explain the meaning of First Holy Communion?

Hello all,

Can anyone help give me insight on the best way to explain to a child (my friends’) the concept and excitement of their first holy Communion? Might there be a website out there I can refer this parent to? I’ve seen it explained quite beautifuly before on a childs level of understanding, I just can’t remember where??? :confused:

Here’s what I recommend:

Bert Ghezzi’s article, Four Ways to Help Prepare Your Child for First Communion:
“You can help your children understand and appreciate the Eucharist–and thus prepare for First Communion–if you relate it to their lives.”

Great books for kids on theEucharist

Book: Patron Saint of First Communicants —The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini

Website: Eucharistic Adoration for children (a must-see)

Letter: Holy Father speaks to children: Your First Holy Communion

Website:The Real Presence

Fun site for kids:
Catholic Kids Net

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