Where can I find kids Catholic glossary?


My niece is in the fourth grade and has religion definitions always to do as part of her homework. Her religion book doesn’t have a glossary. She calls me for I have many Catholic books and CDROM, but I want her to be able to look up the definitions on her own. Is there a website that offers a kids version on the Catholic faith and what everything means? I tried google, but was not successful with the sites I got. Any suggestions?



also a plain old dictionary has catholic words in them…she can use that also:) if she does not own a paper one here is a link for an online dictionary m-w.com/


We have a bound copy of the Catholic Encyclopedia and the Catholic Dictionary at home - I don’t know the publisher off the top of my head, but, if you check some of the Catholic book web sites you should be able to find them…




our diocese has a glossary as part of its RE manual, which we are supposed to supply to every catechist and class, by grade level. Ask your DRE she may have it available. You might ask at the same time for a copy of the diocesan guidelines on what should be taught at each grade level.


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