Where can I find papal documents?


I hope this is the right forum to post this on.

Where can I find documents made from previous popes?

In particular I'm looking for "De synodo diocesana" by Pope Benedict XIV; with an English translation.

Where in the world would I find a copy of this document? I searched online and couldn't find anything. I haven't been to the library but something tells me they aren't just going to have it on hand... ;)

Any help?


BTW---does anyone know if this document is an "infallible" document?

I did just find a copy on Amazon but it's not in English from the looks of it.


This might be something that you'd be interested in looking at:


Also, I'd think that a university library, or a religious studies library, or a seminary library, might be your best chance to find this book.

Good luck!




papalencyclicals.net/Ben14/b14exquo.htm De synodo diocesana




Every document you need can be found on www.vatican.va (the papal website) free to download to your computer. they also have them in various languages also. :thumbsup:


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