Where can I find sheet music for THIS Pater Noster?

I have been taking voice lessons for about 8 months now from someone who used to be the music director at my church, but works at another parish now. We’d like to work on some Latin sacramental music, but neither of us has any sheet music for it.

I love this version of Pater Noster. It seems familiar to me, though I wasn’t raised Catholic and I certainly never heard it at my parish. I am finding lots of different music for Pater Noster but not this one. Is this sort of a “standard” version?

Does anyone know where I can find the music?

You can find it here. It starts on pdf page 393 (Missal page 312).

It is also available in Jubilate Deo, which contains the basic Latin settings for the rest of the Mass Ordinary, and a few other Latin pieces that every Catholic should know. It’s available here.

Thanks, but I can’t find any music written out there, just sound clips. Did I miss a link or something?

stephraim, the Missal won’t load, guess I’ll try later…

My fault! Try this.

Here’s a link to a pdf of the Pater Noster: link, from the St. Cecilia Schola site.

Try this (reproduced below).

Wow, that’s got to be it…thanks! We can work with that.

You’re welcome. I hope it’s helpful.

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