Where can I find the manuscript for The Assumption of Moses?

Somehow, maybe its because I have been reading Catholicism and Fundamentalism, I have embarked on an examination of the book of Jude. Namely Jude 9 and Jude 14-15.

I have been looking online for “The Assumption (Testament) of Moses” and the “Book of Enoch (Henoch)”. Alas, I haven’t located any version of the former to which the Jude 9 text appears, even though I have examined Origen saying specifically that it does.

How may I get a copy of this manuscript?

The portion of *The Assumption of Moses * cited by Jude has been lost. The Catholic Encyclopedia article Apocrypha explains, “Aside from a few… brief references in patristic literature, nothing more was known of this apocryphon until the Latin manuscript containing a long portion of it was discovered by Ceriani in the Ambrosian Library, at Milan, and published by him in 1861… The manuscript breaks off abruptly at chapter xii, and the portion cited by Jude must have belonged to the lost conclusion”.

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