Where can I find this book on St. Teresa of Avila?

I’m looking for the PRINTED copy of this translation on the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila.

Couldn’t find it at Amazon or anywhere else. Anyone have this translation???

I’m not sure if this publisher has it, but if anyone does, they are likely to:


TAN is an extremely conservative publishing house that specializes in older Catholic books. Give them a try. Maybe if they don’t have it, they will help you to find it.

I bought a bio of St. Teresa of Avila from TAN, and it was awesome, but I loaned it to my daughter and can’t remember what the translation is.

I purchased a copy of the Peers translation at Borders before… but there are other very good translations of the same book.

ICS Institute for Carmelite Studies, publishes the works of Teresa, Juan de la Cruz and other carmelites in very good modern translations. 2131 Lincoln rd NE Washington DC 20002, there is a website which should not be hard to find.

again this thread properly belongs on the spirituality forum

I found it here, thank you!!

For some reason I didn’t see that come up at Amazon even though Borders is affiliated with them. Go figure!

I got sidetracked before I finished my post, the Ellison Peers translation is still in print and should be available by the usual resources. I find it problematic, in that so many Victorianisms are natural tp his work and style, and find the modern translation mor accessible, but to each his own. TAN or any traditional Catholic publisher should be a good source as well. there are 2 other translations available on the website cited in OP.

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