Where can I get a hard copy of Vatican I?

Hi can anyone point me in the right direction in regards to where I can get an unabridged book on the First Vatican Council?

If you mean the documents from Vatican I, they’re likely only available online, or …

Well, the version online:


There is a text of all the documents from all the Ecumenical Councils:

Decrees of the Ecumenical Councils, ed. Norman P. Tanner

It’s a bit on the expensive side. I don’t think you’ll get just Vatican I documents by itself. But someone else might have knowledge that I don’t.

See here for The Vatican Council from its opening to its prorogation : official documents, diary, lists of bishops etc. etc. etc (1870)

Since all the documents are now in the public domain, you can upload the 224-page PDF of all those documents to a site like this one, and get a nice hardcover edition for under $30. Some of the text from the documents may be a bit small in the 5x8" book, so you may want to splurge for an 8x10" book, which will run you $65 to 70.

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