Where can I get a Learner's Permit in Catholic Bible School?


Whether it is online or at the place, I am interested in taking a certificate or not program to get better at understanding the Bible. A new Catholic, haven't heard of a small school that specializes in this yet. Live in Florida. Wouldn't mind going as far as Pennsylvania.


Dear friend in Christ,

    Welcome to a new Catholic. There are a number of things you might try as far as finding a Catholic Bible Study Group and/ or a University that offers either online programs or certificates.

1) You might try speaking to your priest to see if your parish or diocese offers Catholic Bible studies in your area. Sometimes the diocese actually has certificate programs in offering or setting up Catholic Bible Studies. (So you might be able to attend one or begin a program)

 2) As someone who is both a convert and has worked in various religious stores and also taught CCD I might also suggest that you make sure your bible study is a Catholic Bible study rather than an ecumenical Bible Study. [It helps to study scripture from a Catholic point of view so you get further grounded in solid Catholic teaching]

3) As for universities that might offer programs two (likely) schools come to mind:

    Ave Maria University (located in Florida I believe)

    Franciscan University of Stuebenville 
     (Scott Hahn is a well known speaker, bible Scholar, convert and last I heard on the faculty there)

    Also if you have a University nearby you might find a Newmans club on campus 

    Blessings on your search

    Sr Debbie, O.S.C.


I think Scott Hahn has some free courses online at St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. I am not sure about a certificate, check it out at www.salvationhistory.com


Thank you Sr. Debbie, you reminded about the classes that can be taken for no credit at Ave Maria as auditing. That works! Probably will next year and maybe will find a Catholic Bible Study outline and work through it myself until.

And also thank you to the other member, you're sharing a nice website so far! Hope they do have some classes, or talks... LOVE to listen to Fr. John Riccardo's talks and take notes.

God Bless!!


Chris, you're right!! Here are the online bible study courses offered salvationhistory.com/studies/courses/online

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