Where can I get a Saint Bendidict medal or Crucifix?


Because I’m really considering buying one.


Hi “bacon man” I got ours from EWTN Religious Catalogue. They have a great selection, and awesome customer service. Check out the link, below. God bless!



My dear friend

You can try your local catholic gift or book store or go to the Cukierskis website in my signature. They should help you. It’s a great sacramental. I wear one with the cucifix and got it blessed. I also have about a dozen relics on the cord.

St Benedict, pray for us:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Do you mean you have a medal and a crucifix? Or you have a Saint Bendidict crucifix? And I have that site in my favorites, but honestly I’m a little skeptical. It is quite impressive looking, almost too good to be true, but how do they get access to all those relics to touch things to to make them 3rd class relics? how do they get all these rare sacramentals? And some of the language just reminds me of those TV informercials “But wait! Theres more!”


Our family purchased some lovely medals from the Gift Shop at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert


The Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe in New Mexico sells beautiful European medals and crucifixes at fair prices. ourladyofguadalupemonastery.com/gift_catalogue_2009.pdf


I have bought 3 Benedictine crucifix’s in solid silver from this little palce in Pa. They come wrapped with great care and I’ll be a repeat customer. I really like the detail in the medal.


Whats better? The Crucifix or the medal? Which one should I get?


Hi bacon man
The crucifix when properly blessed does carry an indulgence for happy death. But, it’s all good.
Happy feast of Saint Benedict!
A website with the blessing of the medal of saint benedict and links to places that offer them is this:
There’s also this site that offers hoodies and tees as well as buttons
The one I’m wearing came from autom.com It’s enamel and look like something a midieval monk might wear, They were about 4.95 each but they come in packs of 2.
BTW the osb.org if you drop the rest also gives you links to daily mass readings and the Divine Office.
Note any priest can bless the medal or crucifix provided they use the proper blessing to gain the indulgences.


The Benedictine crucifix has the medal set in it. The medal is the same either way, but I like it in the crucifix. As mentioned, a priest should use the proper blessing. I usually print it out and do the response during the blessing. Mine have also been touched to a relic of the True Cross during the blessing as I like the St. Maurus blessing in times of sickness. You should check out the website Scottywolf provided. Tim


What do you all think of the Pardon Crucifix? I hear it has many indulgences attached.


I have several mostly attached to rosaries. You no longer have to sign up for the archconfraternity which is in France any priest can bless it with a usual blessing. There actually was a thread about the pardon crucifix but it wasn’t very enlightening. Cukierski.net had them I don’t know if they’ve cut them recently.
Hopefully this website works, I tried to send it to you before and it glitched.
it glitched!
If it don’t work just google pardon crucifix.


They have them, I just wonder, how can they get access to all those relics to make things 3rd class relics, they had something that was said to be touched to 61 relics. How can they do that?

Here it is, first thing, if you scroll down you’ll find the Pardon Crucifix.


My dear friend

Having just looked again I have a cross with the medal. It’s had the special blessing from my priest too. The Cukierskis are very good and nice people. Their totally honest and trustworthy. I suspect they buy holy relics in bulk. Nothing fishy with them at all.

St Benedict, pray for us:thumbsup::slight_smile:


I carry one of these in my pocket, whenever we’re “out and about”. None of them are any “better” than another. Medals, vs. Crucifixes… or what have you. They are all sacramentals and all of them are good… when used with the proper disposition.

Hope this helps. God bless.


You can’t buy 1st or 2nd class relics. Have you ever bought from them?



You can explore the website for more St.Benedict crucifixes as well.


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