Where Can I Get a Scapular Blessed By the Carmelite Nuns?


I live in Southern California. My favorite Catechism Teacher gave us all Scapulars blessed by the Carmelite Nuns. I wore that Scapular everyday without taking it off for about ten years.

Unfortunately, during a boxing sparring session the Scapular tucked under my shirt somehow jumped out of my shirt and entangled on my left arm while I pushed forward for a punch. The Scapular tore in two and could not be worn again.

Now, I am returning back to the Catholic Church. I would like to be able to buy a Scapular Blessed by the Carmelite Nuns. Nothing necessarily fancy, just blessed.

Does anyone know where in Southern California I could find a blessed Scapular?

Also, what are the requirements for the Scapular?

Thank You

You can buy a scapular at various Catholic supply stores but they aren’t blessed.No items can be bought already blessed.You’d have to go a where a Carmelite nun was.Either a convent or monastery or perhaps a mission or school.

I don’t know about having a Scapular blessed by nuns, since I’ve always approached a Priest about blessings, but here is a website of Carmelite nuns who do sell Scapulars via the internet. They are in Colorado ---- not California, but their scapulars are beautiful! Since I found out about them via the internet, I asked their local Archdiocese about them, and they are legitimate…They fixed a nice rosary that I had picked up in Knock, Ireland over 10 years ago… God bless! :slight_smile:


Yes, you can always find scapulars at your local Catholic gift shop. I don’t think that nuns can bless things. I thought only priests can bless them.

Some parishes sell brown Scapulars. Otherwise any Catholic religious store or Catholic internet cataloge may carry them. After you have purchased one, take it to any priest for a blessing.

However their is more to “Investature” than an ordinary blessing. I’ve provided a few links for you.

Be sure to click on the info about etc …



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