Where can I go?


First, I did not really know where to post this… Second, I am being totally serious.

I am to the point where I want to leave America. Fighting for the pro-life movement so hard for so long only to find that most Americans don’t seem to care about the issue or openly support abortion has me wanting to find a new home. We cannot claim to have a great society or country if we allow the murder of the most innocent and defenseless. Where is abortion illegal? I wish I could move to the Vatican.


Its not American, but your attitude that needs adjustment.

First off, consider Jesus and the time he lived, under the immoral rule of the Roman Empire, which we don’t even come close to.

Did he flee to lands of safe refuge from immorality?

No, he did not.

Also, be sure not to judge your fellow Americans too harshly here.

Most Americans are frustrated with politics and have given up being spoon fed, by the media.

In all, “be the change you want to see in the world.” This is the example Jesus gave us to live by.

God Bless


Go where God sends you, and if he is anything like his Son, he will not send you where there are perfect people, he will send you where there are people who need your gifts and witness. The criteria is not success, it is fidelity.


I wouldn’t recommend running away. Stay and continue to support pro-life.

For your info though I live in the Philippines which is an 85% Catholic country and abortion is illegal here.


I understand your situation. Moving is not a constructive or necessary solution at this point. You’ll only be frustrated from afar.

Many Americans, as another poster stated are still being “spoon-fed by the media.” They’re not evil baby-killers, they’re ignorant.

Here’s what I’ve done; maybe some of it will help you:

(1) Pray a rosary novena for the election; either start a new novena or add it to your daily rosary. (If you’re not praying a daily rosary, start.)

(2) Pray a novena to one of the patrons of journalists (St .Maximilian Kolbe, St. Paul, or St. Francis de Sales) that the news media start reporting the truth and stop shaping information to promote their own biases.

(3) Start a “news fast” and offer it up to God for an end to abortion. Stop watching the news, reading newspapers, internet news sites, etc. The constant barrage of (mostly negative) information is not necessary for you and is harmful to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. You may also want to sign the American Family Association news boycott pledge. (AFA is a Protestant group, but they work with Catholic organizations on issues of morality.)


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